Saturday, April 30, 2016

top three [05.01.2016]

what's in my bag, through the years

  • Ventricles are spaces in the brain that holds the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Abnormal CSF accumulations in ventricles can cause a ton of issues. Sunset sign is a physical exam finding that is used to describe a tonic downward deviation of both eyes caused by pressure from enlarged third ventricles on the upward gaze center. Here's a short example video where you can see how the pupils look like a setting sun. 
  • Pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infection, or more easily known as PANDAS, is a rare phenomenon where pediatric patients develop obsessive-compulsive symptoms or tics after a strep infection. 
  • Borborygmi: the medical term for a rumbling tummy 

on the internet
  • If I could just dress and look like Adina every day, that would be great. She always look fabulous. 
  • I love Amanda's Ikea hack - definitely bookmarking this for next year! (I basically just want to fly Amanda out and have her decorate my whole future home)
  • Lindsay shares her amazing thrift haul, and her own tips for finding the best items - this makes me want to get back into thrifting so bad! Now I just need to find a place around here to try out...

  • The Lush shirt I purchased this month now comes in a dress version! It looks a bit short on the models, but it comes in so many pretty colors that I'm tempted to at least try it. My favorite color is definitely that dusky lavender color - so pretty, and so different from anything in my closet.
  • Also something a little different for me, but something I love the idea of, is this plaid top from Anthro - wouldn't it look great with some white jeans and cognac sandals? I just think it looks so comfy. 
  • I just noticed that Cole Haan has a pair of rose gold flats (with bows!) - how cute are those?!

ask me anything
  • How do you take notes during third year? How do you organize all the notes of medical school to have them handy when you need them? Do you use any app for that?
    • I have a running word document on Google Drive that I keep all of my notes from third year on - they are 90% notes I take from UWorld and various other learning resources, but it's also where I take notes during lectures. I like this method just because I can pull them up on any device, I can always rearrange them, and they will never get lost! 
  • When you started medical school you talked about the dress code. Now that you are further along in the process of becoming a doctor, do you think the dress code for students is a good idea?
    • Ohh, this is such an interesting question! So all in all, I actually think a dress code during the first two years was a really great way to get us to be prepared for when we are out on clinicals. My closet is now a lot more cohesive and has a lot more professional clothing in it that I actually wear (rather than what I thought I would wear), so I haven't really had to think about clothes much this year since I already figured out what I like to wear. I think for students who maybe have never had to dress professionally before or don't care about clothes, having a bit of time to figure it out is not a bad idea. On the other hand, it was annoying sometimes - sometimes all you want to do is wear skinny jeans and a sweatshirt for 8 hours of learning! I would have loved to have a happy medium - maybe like casual Fridays or something. 
  • I'm heading to Germany and Italy this summer with my boyfriend! Any input on what to wear so I don't completely stick out like an American? I've read that shorts are passe in this true? I'm 28 and tend towards a casual-but-put-together style.
    • First of all, I am so jealous of your trip - what an amazing time you guys will have! Where in Germany are you going? Anyway, about the clothes! Europeans, at least Germans (as I don't have much experience with Italians), seem to dress a bit more conservative than what we may see. When I go to Germany, I always stick with more classic pieces - darker jeans, nice blouses, a simple jacket. I think you can definitely wear shorts! I would stick with ones that weren't booty shorts or anything, but I don't think anyone is going to really side eye you if you are wearing some nice 4-5'' inseam shorts or anything. The only time that isn't true is if you are in the more religious parts of Italy, which I unfortunately do not have experience with. Previously, commenters have mentioned that a pair of linen pants, like these from Caslon, worked well for them on days they were going to to sites, as they are light weight but cover everything you need covered! I'd also recommend a cross body bag that zips and folds over (Emperia makes one for $37!) as they are a bit more secure, plus this way you have both hands free! Also, Birkenstocks are really popular right now, which is great because they are super comfortable for lots of walking. I have the triple banded sandals, and wear them all summer long. They make a cute rose gold pair that would be fun to wear too ;)

on franish
  • on the blog: sharing this month's budget, and the death of a beloved piece of clothing
  • on the instagram: post-exam treats
  • on the twitter: did you watch GoT last week?! I'm so excited it's back, and for the record, I don't believe Jon Snow is actually dead.

notable sales
  • Ann Taylor: 50% off select full price items
  • J.Crew: 25% off certain items
    • I saw this amazing gingham blazer on instagram this past week, and hardcore fell in love. Not practical for my life, but so cute. 
    • I never know really how to wear this kind of strapey camis, but I love the idea of them for an easy top for the summer. But...strapless bra? No bra (ha! yeah right). 
    • Do you have pool or beach time in your future? I found the perfect cover up for you (that includes tassels!). 
  • Macy's: 25% off almost everything!
    • I love simple sleeved dresses during the summer because all you have to do is throw on one accessory and you're good to go. This white lace version has sleeves, is $35, plus an additional 25% off!
    • My Michael Kors watch is still one of my favorite items I own, so here's a chance to get your own for less. 
    • I used to own these Lucky flats, and they are super super comfortable - bonus is that they come in a ton of patterns and colors!

  • This week was the last week of my peds rotation, and now we're back to OB :) I will be living on the other side of the state of the next month, so that should be interesting! It'll be a bit strange to not be in my own home, but I suppose that's something to get used to since the next 6 months are going to involve a lot of time out of the house. 
  • Mine and CR's parents are here for the weekend, and it has been so much fun to have everyone here! I haven't seen my parents for a while, so it's been so nice to catch up and show them where we live! We have had so much good food :)
  • I have been all about podcasts lately - do you have any you love? I have a long drive ahead of me today :)