Sunday, April 17, 2016

top three [04.17.2016]

this BR top is still one of my absolute favorites - more colors please!

  • The DeBakey classification is used to separate aortic dissections into those that need to be surgically repaired and those that are managed medically. The man who is responsible for this classification, Dr. Michael DeBakey, a world renowned cardiothoracic surgeon who pioneered the treatment for aortic dissections, not only invented this classification, but also suffered from aortic dissection himself. If that's not irony...
  • During the first 7 weeks of gestation, the gonadal tissue of the fetus remains undifferentiated. The male sexual differentiation is an active process, and without the signals to become male, female sexualization is the default setting. 
  • Hypertelorism: an abnormally increased distance between two organs. It's usually used to describe eyes that are too far apart. 

on the internet

  • I saw this straw tote at Target this weekend, and it looks so much more expensive than it is - I love that tassel. It would be such a fun tote for a beach trip!
  • This top from Gibson would be a great going out top - the perfect mix of sexy, cute, and comfortable!
  • Still on the hunt for comfortable dress shoes, and I stumbled upon this mary jane pair from Skechers - not usually a place I shop for shoes, but they're kind of cute, right? 

ask me anything
  • I will be applying to PA schools this upcoming cycle as a California resident. I'm sure you can appreciate how competitive it is, and therefore I am applying to many programs including those out-of-state. I have been fortunate enough to visit some of these out-of-state programs, so I have some small idea of what the surrounding city is like. But I am still anxious about all the possible places I might end up geographically. Like, will I legit be able to survive in areas that are cold and snowy??? What about feeling at home in places like Utah that seem to be very...homogenous?? I'm wondering, how did you adjust to moving to a totally different area for school? How far in advance did you move? Do you have any tips for adjusting to an area where you've never lived? 
    • First of all, best of luck with the applications - what a pain, but hopefully it will all be worth it! So I moved about 700 miles away from home, and while it was still the Midwest with similar weather, there was still quite a bit of adjustment. I went from a moderately sized city I loved to a small city that I was not that big of a fan of initially. The biggest thing for me was finding places that felt like "my places" - coffee shops, study places, restaurants. These were discovered through classmates, yelp, and just going out and exploring! Once you have a place you enjoy being at, the area you live in will just feel more like yours - that may sound silly, but it really has made a difference for me these past three years as I keep moving around small Midwest cities that don't always have the most to offer. Just really think of those years you are at school as an adventure - like how often in your life are you going to move to a completely different state and meet a whole bunch of new people and do something completely new to you? Not many, probably! And in the end, if you really hate where you live, it's only temporary - it's 2 years at most. One of my closest friends moved from Southern California to one of the snowiest places in the country, and although he used to say he wouldn't leave the house if it was below 45 degrees, he survived those two years, and now is almost a proficient driver in the snow ;) As far as moving goes, I moved about two weeks before school started - I moved in just my car, with just my dogs and clothes, so I needed a bit of time to go buy furniture and get a house together. That was just a personal choice since I wanted a bit of time to adjust and get my life in order before the craziness of school started. 
  • Going on your day in the life post, I am so impressed that you can get up so early in the morning, especially with your heated mattress! (jealous). So, my question is, do you have any tips or tricks for 1. just plain old getting up in the morning without major grumbling and 2. making the most of that time? I'm a shower in the morning person but I usually leave myself 10 minutes to do that, and everything else, and it really makes me a grump for the rest of the day to leave my house with wet hair and no makeup. I can't bring myself to be a morning person!
    • I am definitely still not a morning person, but I've definitely gotten better about it! The biggest thing for me is just going to bed early enough, which I know is not easy, and to be honest, I'm still really working on that. I have found using the Sleep Cycle app has really made a difference though - not only does it track your sleep, but it works by detecting your sleep cycles, and wakes you up at the best waking times. It has made such a difference in waking up because instead of being jolted awake by a buzzing alarm, it slowly wakes you up. As far as getting ready, getting into a habit of not washing my hair often actually has been awesome - I wash my hair like twice a week now, thanks to dry shampoo! I've used a ton over the years, from inexpensive versions to pricier versions (currently testing out the Living Proof dry shampoo, and really enjoying it!). Not washing my hair every morning gives me at least 20 extra minutes every morning!
  • I'm turning 30 this year and had my first baby almost 8 months ago. As "swimsuit season" approaches, I find myself personally less and less comfortable with the idea of a two-piece swimsuit. I used to be a moderate bikini fan (no string bikinis!)... Any suggestions on cute/non-matronly one-piece options? 
    • Congrats on the new baby! I don't have a baby yet, but I'm also on the one-piece bandwagon - I just feel a bit more comfortable with everything a bit more covered up! My favorite one right now is this scalloped version from Kate Spade - expensive, but so darn cute. I also really like this strappy number that is currently on sale (it also comes in a few different colors if black isn't your style!). From Miraclesuit, this suit is a little va-va-voom while still keeping everything covered up!

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  • on the blog: tips and tricks on how to get your makeup to last all day
  • on the instagram: brighter, blunter, blonder :)
  • what you missed on snapchat (@fhasselhof): first thoughts on my Sephora purchase

notable sales
  • Anthropologie: 40% off sale items
    • I have always loved gold flatware (CR disagrees) but come on, how cute is this flatware?! Want. 
    • This textured front zip jacket is adorable - it would look equally great over a dress, or casually with jeans and a tee.
    • Can't you see Clare Underwood wearing this wrap dress? Perfect for you ladies who have to dress more professionally for work!
  • J.Crew Factory: 40% off new arrivals!
  • Kohls: save 20% if you spend over $50

  • This weekend, CR and I went to a local Amish market and omg, do those ladies know how to make baked goods! The best apple fritters I've ever had (and trust, there's a large sample size!).
  • My Sephora order came in, and I've had so much fun playing around. Favorites so far include the Living Proof dry shampoo and Becca's highlighter. Things that will probably go back include this Tarte lipstick - I should stop buying lipstick without trying it first!
  • I finally got my hair colored and cut this week, and I feel like a brand new person! Now how do I get someone to style my hair for me all the time? ;)