Sunday, April 24, 2016

top three [04.24.2016]

a little throwback when it comes to looking tan!

  • Before we had home pregnancy tests, we had "the rabbit test". When the urine of a pregnant woman was injected initially into a mouse (later a rabbit), the mouse's ovaries would respond to the hormones in the urine. Nowadays, we thankfully no longer have to kill bunny rabbits to diagnose pregnancy!
  • Coins are the most common foreign body ingested by children. 
  • Obdormition: the medical term for "my foot fell asleep" 

on the internet

  • I finally ordered one of these Lush's blouses, and you know...I really like it! I got the olive version (in a size medium), and have been wearing it kind of nonstop, both to work and on the weekends. More about a little adjustment I made to it later this week!
  • Y'all know that I don't do off the shoulder tops, but this dress from Old Navy has me reconsidering (...almost). And for the price, it may be a good way to test it out!
  • I picked up this pair of wedges from Chaps this week and you guys...they are so cute! If you are between sizes, I'd suggest going down just because they fit a little large. I wore them all day Thursday and they were so comfortable. 

ask me anything
  • Can you share a few photos of your closet? No cleaning or justifications for your methods required, I just love seeing how other people organize their most personal items.
    • Here's a picture from last summer, although my closet still pretty much looks the same. Our house has three bedrooms, but tiny closets, so my closet is actually in the guest room. It doesn't have good shelving, so I had to add a few shelves to the wall just to have a place for my shoes and my bags. One of the requirements for our future house is that it has good closets! The good thing about having a smaller closet, and a set number of hangers, is that I not only have to think about what I'm adding, but I also usually have a ThredUp bag in process to be sent to them. It keeps me from adding too much to my closet. 
  • My white coat ceremony is this summer! Any tips for finding the perfect dress? Are there certain colors or fit that you find look particularly good under a white coat? Thanks!
    • Yay! That's so exciting. I loved our white coat ceremony - it made everything feel a bit more real. I think any professional dress you find would be appropriate - probably anything besides a white dress would work well! Big things to remember is that you will be on stage in front of all of your classmates and their families, so being a bit more on the modest side would be a good bet (I remember a girl from the Pharmacy school wore a dress shorter than the white coat...which as you can imagine, was incredibly short!). Loft has a cute cobalt faux wrap dress that would look really nice! Another option, especially if it's warmer weather, would be this keyhole dress from J.Crew Factory. Finally, this wrap front dress comes in several cute colors. Also important is wearing shoes you can walk in - I wore my wedges from J.Crew Factory because although they are a bit dressier, I knew I could easily walk in them. I actually wore pants and a blouse to my white coat ceremony because it was really rainy that day, but looking back, I wish I had worn a dress instead. 
  • How do you spend your free time? What are your hobbies?
    • Between going to rotations, studying when I get home, and blogging, there isn't a ton of time left in the day! I generally "enjoy" going to the gym, cooking, and reading a few pages of a non-school book at night (currently reading The Doctors' Plague)! Blogging really is my main hobby though :)

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  • We finished House of Cards this week and O.M.G. I couldn't even watch the last few minutes of the episode. When does it come back?!
  • Our parents are coming next weekend (yay!) so we've been in a bit of prep mode - lots of cleaning, moving, and preparing. I'm so excited to see everyone :)
  • Tomorrow starts my last week on peds. You guys, I tried so hard not to get sick, but those little buggers still got to me. Here's to hoping it all goes away by this weekend!