Wednesday, April 6, 2016


DSC02956picture 2 Apparently, I was feeling extra sassy this day (you should see the outtakes - the eyebrows were out.of.control)!

I think I was probably slightly compensating for that grow out - yikes! I haven't been to the hair dresser in almost six months (partially to grow my hair out after it accidentally got chopped off last summer), and I finally go in next week! While I'm a blondie, it has slowly become a dark dirty blond over the years, so girlfriend needs her highlights. For me, I've run the gauntlet with hair - I've had red hair, black hair, long hair, short hair, bangs, a perm...but I always go back to medium length blond with side swept bangs. It's that safe hairstyle that I think looks best on me...but then I get an itch to do something new. Any suggestions for this time around? Or just pretty highlights and a trim, as always? Because to be honest, this is basically what I wish my hair looked like all the time. 

DSC02903picture 2
DSC02980picture 2
DSC02923picture 2
Tee: Gap [exact]
Jeans: Paige [exact]
Jacket: Paige [save | splurge]
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [save | exact on sale]
Necklace: Charlene K
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Today is the second to last day of the Shopbop sale - save 25% off your entire order using the code INTHEFAM. This is one of the best sales out there, and even though Shopbop does have many expensive items, they also have some great more reasonably priced items as well. Below are my picks for shoes, jeans, and clutches at three different price points. Have you picked anything up during the sale?