Saturday, June 17, 2017

top three [06.18.2017]

I'll take one of each from Everlane's new beach collection: dress // shorts // sweatshirt

spotted //

on the internet //

throwback //

notable sales // 

on franish //

at home // 
  • This was our first week in our house and boy, have we been busy! We are just about done with all the painting - every single wall and piece of trim in the house was painted, so it's taken us almost a whole month to get it done. A few pieces of furniture have arrived (notably my dresser and gold bookstand), light fixtures have been changed out (no more boob lights!), and door hardware is almost all done being exchanged. I can't wait to share all the progress we have made!
  • After a month away from any form of real exercise, I went to my first Orange Theory class on Friday - it was such a great work out! My co-intern Marissa and I immediately signed up for a monthly membership. Having the membership will force us to at least work out four times a month during intern year ;)
  • On Friday, us incoming interns were invited to our residency's graduation banquet. It was so much fun to hang out with my co-interns and our future upperclassmen. It made it all seem so real - two more weeks until I officially start! 

ps. happy fathers day to my own dad, who I know does not read my blog, but deserves a shoutout anyway!