Tuesday, July 2, 2013

i know what boys like...

...and apparently it's not in this outfit.

The whole dressing for your man/dressing for others thing has been played out a thousand times on the internet, but I never really thought about it until yesterday when Chris took one look at my outfit and asked me why I was dressed like such a hippie in my "camping shirt, JHORTS, and Jesus sandals". 

I didn't particularly think I looked like a hippie. I was excited to wear my new shIrt (which, btw, doesn't look this wrinkly in real life) and for a warm day walking around Madison, shorts and comfortable sandals only made sense. I suppose that I don't really dress for my man, or really anybody else. I'm the one who has to wear the clothes, which I think takes precedence over other people merely looking at them, but I don't want people to have a bad reaction to them either. We all know boys "don't get it" most of the time, and I'm not offended that Chris may not have liked my outfit that day because he usually does, but it does make me wonder....who are you dressing for?
Shirt: Vera Moda Germany [save | splurge]
Shorts: Gap Outlet
Sandals: Target [exact]
Watch: Target [even better similar]
Bracelet: c/o Apple of My Eye
also...Audrey was in town yesterday!