Wednesday, July 3, 2013

recent j.crew additions (polka dot blazer!)

With my Chippmunk winnings, I choose to get a giftcard from J.Crew so that I could finally purchase this blazer that I've been eyeing up for months now. It was originally $190, then reduced down to $130, and with an additionally 30% off, it came down to around $90. When Caroline informed me that it was so far reduced, I made the choice to buy it outright with my money because my giftcard hadn't arrived yet, and I was scared that my size would sell out. A few days after I ordered it, my giftcard came in the mail, but when I went to go re-order, the only size sold out was my own. Caroline urged me to call customer service to see if they can change the method of payment on my original order, which I didn't know you could do, but they were so accommodating and changed it right away.

It came today and I'M SO HAPPY. I ordered it in a 12. My navy schoolboy blazer is a 10 Tall, but this linen blazer didn't come in tall sizes so I sized up. It fits great off the hanger - the sleeves are short on me, but I wear my blazer sleeves rolled up so that isn't a problem. The fabric is thicker than I expected (in a good way). I'm so excited to wear it once school starts. I was scared it was going to sell out right away when it first came out (because come on, look at it!) but I'm glad I waited to get it for half of the original price. Most sizes are still availalbe for purchase if you are interested!

j.crew schoolboy blazer in dotted linen, polka dot blazer

As I was perusing the sale section, this tee caught my attention. I figured I may as well try it out - it was on sale for $20. It's also a linen material, light weight but sturdy. One can never have too many striped tees, right?

^and as you can see, packing is going really really well.....