Wednesday, July 17, 2013

play ball!

everlane tee, everlane blue tee, gap round belt 
Tee: Everlane
Shorts: Gap [similar]
Belt: Gap [same style]
Sandals: Gap Outlet [similar]

This is about the only presentable outfit I've worn since I returned from Seattle. My friend Lizzi asked me to go to a Mallards game with her (a collegiate summer league that plays here in Madison) on Thursday. Right before I started getting ready, I was packing up some of my clothes and re-discovered these white shorts. I thought I lost them, but they were really just hiding under my Game Day bibs (picture from late 2010 and yes, Chris is wearing my game day skirt...). Anyway, wore my re-discovered shorts, Everlane tee, and cognac accessories to go "watch baseball" (drink fruity beers and eat brats) as a break from packing. and packing. and packing. 

Packing is going...fine. There's just a lot of stuff to take with that one doesn't even think of like...socks and beauty products and roller blades. I've mostly just been packing and cleaning. I did go to the mall to see if my computer was on the fritz (good news, it's not), stopped at Victoria's Secret to buy a few bras and underwear, and stopped at J.Crew to see if this jacket (in white and black) was more reduced than it was a week ago (it wasn't). I also tried on this top but I wasn't sure if it was black or dark dark blue, so I passed since I find navy really difficult to wear as a separate (because right now my criteria is if I can wear it with black pants because I'm a boring dress code dresser). It's probably for the best that they didn't work out because I would have to pack them into my tiny car on Friday, but the mall in my new town doesn't have a J.Crew (yes, I looked) so I wanted to try on one last time. In other shopping news, I did receive these wedges a few days ago after ordering them months ago and they are perfect (or at least they felt perfect for the 10 minutes I wore them before boxing them up)! I may even have to order the black version the next time they have a big sale if the nude versions hold up well ;)

sunset, madison sunset, james madison park
^^ sunset on the drive home. amazing, right?

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