Friday, July 5, 2013

up, up, and away

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Hello from O'Hare! Despite my dry bagel sandwich and overpriced coffee, I am thrilled to be on my way to Seattle! This is my last trip before a week of packing and then moving away so I'm trying to enjoy every single minute of it. I don't usually like to travel in shorts (I prefer jeans for sticking leather seats), but the weather is beautiful and warm in both Madison and Seattle, so I thought it would be a good time to bust them out, along with my new tee and new favorite sandals. A cardigan for cold airplanes, and my trusty leather bag, and I'm basically set. 

When I first got into school, I knew that I wanted to take a bit of time off. I've never had six full weeks of no responsibilities - I've had a job since I was 15 - so this no working thing has been awesome. I wanted to use this time to travel a bit, and I've always wanted to go visit Seattle. I don't really travel on my own - almost everything has always been with my family or with Chris, so it was a little bit of an adventure for me to book this trip. Every time I told people I was going to go to Seattle, they gave me a really confused look when I said I was going by myself just to go. I'm very lucky though, that this trip is turning into not a by myself trip. When I told Bri I was coming, she insisted I stay in one of her guest rooms. Internet friends are the best - and the most trusting apparently. She's luckily she's smaller than I am or else all of her clothes would be coming home with me ;)   On top of that, Kimmie and I have become fast through-the-wire friends, so she's taking this afternoon, Monday, and Tuesday off from work so we can hang out. We have a segway tour booked - it's going to be hilariously awesome. I think visiting a city is the best when you get to see it with people who live there - you get the best mix of touristy stuff and seeing how people actually live there.

So! If you've been to Seattle, are from Seattle, or have heard great things, tell me what I need to see! I want to do, see, and eat it all. Of course it'll all be documented on here and on instagram :) 

Bri just said we might see some whales this afternoon. WHALES! We don't have those in WI.
madewell anchor belt, j.crew linen engineered tee
Cardigan: Old Navy
Shorts: Gap Outlet
Watch: Fossil [similar]
Bag: Madewell [exact]
Belt: Madewell [exact | in brown | on sale]
Shoes: Target [exact]
^^ this one's for you Kimmie! 
target elba wedges, target black sandals, madewell transport tote