Saturday, July 13, 2013

good bye seattle!

EMP wall purple wall seattle emp wall
Tee: Everlane
Cardigan: Gap [similarish]
Shorts: Gap Outlet [similar]
Purse: Coach [current style]
Sandals: Target [exact]
On Wednesday I was off by myself as both Bri and Kimmie had to be working/mothering adults that day. I loved having both act as my tour guide, but it was also nice to go off and be a bit more touristy by myself. I felt I had a bit of a handle on down town Seattle so I went off to go exploring. I started off by taking the monorail down to the Seattle Center. I just walked around the grounds for a little bit when I ran into the purple wall of the EMP Museum. I had a flashback to this post Kimmie wrote (I had read through all of her archives and remember thinking how cool it was) so I had to recreate it. I like how my cardigan kind of matches the wall - not planned ;)
espresso monorail seattle coffee
^^from Bri's favorite espresso "cart" (the world's first!)
emp emp wall seattle emp from above

After my little selfie photography, I walked down to check out the international fountain and waited for the show...which never started. I texted Bri asking why nothing was happening and it turns out, that day was the day it was down for maintenace! boo. Next time (because there WILL be a next time!). I had wasted just enough time for the Space Needle to open. It was actually pretty awesome being there so early. I got a discounted ticket, I rode up the elevator by myself, and had the whole observation deck to myself besides one other couple.

^^the lake we rode on the ducks & paddle boarded in!

Afterwards I rode the monorail back and headed down to Pike Place Market to buy an OMG Peach, a coffee mug for Chris from the original Starbucks (it wasn't as busy at 8:30 AM on a Wednesday as it had been at 10 AM on a Saturday), and flowers for Bri. I waited for Nordstrom Rack to open, and then went looking around for the third time on my five day vacation. I almost walked out with nothing but then I found these jeans (finally!! I've always wanted a white pair, and especially after seeing how great Bri's always look), this shirt as a complete Bri copycat (mine's grey though), and a bright orange (who am I?!) silk tee thing. Yay, Seattle souvenirs! ;)

Then I headed over to Nordstrom and it was ccrrrrrrraaaaaazzzy. We don't have a Nordstrom in Wisconsin, so I'm not used to 1. all of the expensive stuff and 2. the craziness that is the semi-annual sale. I used this time to figure out what size trench coat I wear, to go look at my future Chanel bag (in 4-5 years), and to try on this dress for size. Now that I know what size I would wear, I'm going to stalk eBay so I can find one for 1/4 of that price! Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

I went and got Bri from work, and we headed back to Nordstrom to eat at the cafe (we also don't have department stores in Wisconsin that have cafes - I feel we are missing out). So much good people watching! The food was delicious and I suppose the company was alright too ;)

Then, because I'm a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan, I insisted that I needed to go ride the ferry boats.
I don't think that if you go visit Seattle that this is necessarily something you need to do, because after the initial views of the skyline it's kinda boring, but I'm still happy I went. It was pretty beautiful out there.
That night Bri and I walked around Green Lake again, had sushi as a farewell dinner, and then she dropped me off at the airport. You guys, it sounds so silly when you say it out loud, but this stranger that picked me up from the airport and let me stay in her beautiful home has become such a good friend to me by the end of my stay. Bri is like the definition of good people - warm, welcoming, excited to show you her city, and kind. We had so many laughs and like it honestly pains me that I don't get to spend every day with her. Bri, thank you for the best vacation of my life. Can't wait for the next one :)