Wednesday, August 5, 2015

dresses are second best

polka dot dress with cognac accessories Last week I said that jeans are my favorite article of clothing, and while that is totally still true, dresses are absolutely my second favorite. They are just so easy to throw on with a few simple accessories, and you're set. I don't like over-accessorizing anyway, so just matching leathers and a simple necklace are all I need to feel ready for the day.

Remember how I fell in love with that gingham dress a few months ago but could never get my hands on it? I was casually browsing through the sales section recently and there it was - only one left, and in my size. Fashion fate? Possibly. I also picked up this little striped number - it's currently 50% off, and will be perfect for my trip to Santorini (I promise it's cuter in real life - you can see it on my snapchat @fhasselhof)!
Dress: thrifted [similar below]
Belt: Gap [similar]
Shoes: Banana Republic [exact]
a couple of you have mentioned you wanted to know what my outfits look like with my white coat on, so here I am, in all my short coat glory...
and because my dress is from Goodwill (and apparently homemade!), here are a few current options out there. There's also this longer sleeved version, which would be perfect for once the temperatures drop!