Sunday, August 9, 2015

top three [08.09.2015]

black goes with everything - similar options here

  • Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear that is caused by an accumulation of endolymph (fluid). This causes hearing loss, vertigo, and tinnitus (ringing of the ears). Interestingly, a low salt diet and a mild diuretic help reduce symptoms for a large proportion of patients!
  • If you ever experience a loud roar of the ocean in your ears after you've lost a significant amount of weight, you may have patulous eustachian tubes (I told you ENT has the best words - doesn't that sound like a Harry Potter spell?). The roar is synchronized with respiration because the middle ear is alternatively aerated too much and too little due to abnormally patent eustachian tubes. 
  • I used to assume that ringing of the ears was something only you yourself experienced, but apparently there are both subjective and objective forms of tinnitus! Objective tinnitus (that that your doctor can also hear with a stethoscope) can be caused by vascular abnormalities (like an AV malformation or an aneurism), TMJ issues, or...patulous eustachain tubes.  

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  • LC always makes the cutest clothes - how adorable is this pleated dress (bonus, it comes in 4 colors, one of which is blue with white polka dots!)
  • Ugh, how cute are these gold sandals? While they are currently 50% off (along with a bunch of other styles), they may still be a bit too much out of my comfortable price range for sandals...
  • One of my all time favorite J.Crew Factory items is back in stock this year! It's currently on sale + 20% off if you spend $100 or more. I suggest adding this cute dress to your basket to also qualify for free shipping ;)

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  • on the blog: answering all your questions about blogging, like how much I make from it and how much longer I'll be running this joint
  • on the instagram: while the boy's away, the girl :/
  • on the twitter: the best thing to come out of the Phish concert are the quotes

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  • I had a bit of an extended weekend last week, so CR and I packed up the dogs and went to Wisconsin. I hadn't been home in over a year, so I was really just excited to see my family, be in an area I'm very familiar with, and see all the new changes in Madison! I met up with Jessica for drinks, saw many of my high school and college friends, and even met a reader outside of a Starbucks (hi Sam!). I'm not going to admit to being a bit teary eyed when we literally drove over the state border...but that may have happened.
  • On Friday, I was somehow convinced to go to a Phish concert. CR is a big fan, and I'd heard so many stories that I figured I should see it for myself, and lets just say it was quite the experience. I think I'm a bit too straight laced and goody two shoes to be around so many drugs ;)
  • CR's youngest brother and girlfriend stayed with us over the weekend, and we had such a great time hanging out. We haven't ever really had a chance to do stuff, just the four of us, since we are usually around the whole family. We went on a picnic, and then saw a double feature at the drive in - Vacation and Trainwreck. Trainwreck was definitely my favorite of the two - I know it's been getting mixed reviews, but I really enjoyed it!