Sunday, August 2, 2015

top three [08.02.2015]

stripes forever [ps today is the last day the middle shirt is on sale]
  • Scheuermann's disease is a disorder of the spine where the back of the vertebrae grows faster than the front, leading to a wedge shape. This leads to an enhanced kyphosis of the back. It presents most often in teenagers, and currently there is no known cause. 
  • ENT has some of my favorite medical terms. Presbycusis is age-related hearing loss - nothing fancy, but definitely fun to say! The newest word I've learned is rhinolalia (this is how you pronounce it), which means having a nasal quality of speech due to a defect in the nose. 
  • I never thought I'd actually enjoy ENT, but I'm definitely really enjoying my time on it. The surgeon I work with does surgery two days a week and office the other days. It's such a great mix of both surgery and patient encounters, with patients ranging from new borns to the elderly. If it wasn't so dang competitive, I would honestly consider it as a career because I could really see myself doing it. 

on the internet
  • I love seeing one blogging friend be inspired by another - how cute is Katrina in this Ashley-inspired outfit? 
  • Three easy steps to looking professional and put together in a print dress. I suppose the more I think about it, the more I also have "formulas" for how I get dressed. 
  • Obsessed with this outfit on Jean - the accessories really seal the deal!

  • I rarely wear heels (because I hate towering over people) but this pair makes me want to wear heels all the time. Kind of surprising for me, but I think they are so pretty!
  • Now that it's August, that means my Santorini vacation is officially next month! I'm starting to think about packing lists, and think that this pretty blue + white number needs to be on it. Also on my wish list are these wrap sandals, which I think would be so cute!
  • I'm kind of obsessed with this style top - it's basically a t-shirt, but slightly dressier, which makes it basically the perfect shirt. Plus right now they are 2 for $60 with a ton of patterns available. The black and light pink are definitely coming my way!

on franish

notable sales
  • J.Crew Factory: 40% off shirts
  • Loft: 50% off certain styles
  • Nordstrom: last day of the #NSale!
    • I just ordered these leggings - the reviews rave about them, and for almost half the price, now is the time to try them out!
    • This minimalistic watch would go with seriously everything - it's seriously so beautiful. 
    • It's been 90 degrees here for weeks, so I can barely even think about winter coats right now...but this coat has me looking forward to cooler temps!

  • In preparation for some of my upcoming trips, I had been saving giftcards and money for a few months to buy this camera. My DSLR is too large to carry around everywhere, and so this is the perfect size to keep in my purse when I travel. I have also wanted to make a few more videos here that aren't made on my computer - any requests for video content? 
  • CR and I drove back to the land of cheesecurds and spotted cow for a few days this weekend. I haven't been home in over a year, so it's been wonderful to see my family and friends again. We are mostly hanging out at my parents house, with a few trips to Madison planned as well. There really is nothing better than summer in Wisconsin!
  • My first week on ENT has been really wonderful. My attending is so nice and I have really learned a lot from him in a short amount of time. He lets me see a lot of the patients by myself first to practice doing a more detailed head and neck exam, which I think will come in handy no matter what field I end up going in to. Like I said above, I never thought I would enjoy this speciality as much as I have been!