Sunday, August 16, 2015

top three [08.16.2015]

I take my crossbody bag everywhere

  • Fracture blisters are something I just learned about this week during an orthopedics lecture. They occur after a severe fracture and look horrible (look at your own risk!). They also complicate treatment, because they interfere with surgery and casting. 
  • Morton neuroma is a fancy word for inflammation between the third and fourth toes. Any guesses what causes this? Our best friend (and worst enemy), high heels, cause the toes to become bunched together (goodbye, beautiful shoes I'd never be able to walk in anyway). Initial treatment is...sensible shoes. Whomp whomp.
  • The Positive Exposure website is something my girlfriend Caitlin introduced me to this week. It's a website dedicated to showing the beauty of various medical conditions, rather than the sterilized pictures we often see in our medical school text books. Make sure you check out the gallery here!

on the internet

  • How beautiful is this leather duffel bag? I've always wanted one, but haven't found one I like or is in my price range (this one unfortunately isn't), so maybe eBay it is!
  • I love these scalloped shorts (in black, obviously. I'm boring).
  • This sweater is comfy from the front, but the back adds a fun twist. Imagine it with skinny jeans and booties *hearteyes*

on franish

notable sales

  • CR and I went and saw The Gift this past weekend. I am a rom-com kinda girl, and have only seen 2 thriller/scary movies in my entire life, so I'll let you guess who chose that movie! It really wasn't that scary, I just wouldn't recommend it. The story line is a bit strange, and just leaves you scratching your head instead. 
  • After Pretty Little Liar's had it's summer finale this week, I realized that I haven't watched since the beginning of the first season, so now it's my guilty pleasure to watch. CR is about to leave for a month for an away rotation, so no one will be around to make me feel guilty for watching "a high school show" ;)
  • It's my last week on ENT, and I think I'm going to really miss it! But after this, I have an elective OB rotation, and I've heard it's really hands on, so I'm excited to catch some babies! For those of you who have already had an OB rotation, any advice for the rotation/books to read?