Sunday, August 30, 2015

top three [08.30.2015]

just a few ways I've worn my ikat dress

  • A backronym is a word that was specifically created to be an acryonm after it's meaning is already established. An example is the APGAR score, which is used to quantify how healthy a baby is at birth. It's name after Virginia Apgar, the anesthesiologist who invented it. She seemed like quite an aspirational lady!
  • There are three stages of labor. The first is when the contractions start and end once the cervix is fully dilated. The second stage is from being fully dilated to the birth of the baby. The third stage of labor is from the birth of the baby until the placenta is delivered. This week we saw a case where the placenta didn't come out on it's own, and we ended up having to take the mother into the OR to remove it. 
  • A lithopedion, also known as a stone baby, occurs when a baby dies in utero, and is too large to be reabsorbed. It calcifies, and stays inside the mother. This is super rare, but there was actually just a case about it last month!

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  • It was my first week on OB. Like I mentioned a few days ago, I went into school thinking I was going to become an OB, and it's still very much at the top of my list. I'm hoping that these next three weeks will help me decide a bit more one way or another. This week I saw two deliveries, and four surgeries. I had to miss two days due to a shelf exam and an orthodontist appointment (only 9 weeks left!), so I'm excited to see how much we'll see on a full week. Fingers crossed I get to catch a baby!
  • CR is currently at our "home base" hospital for his pysch rotation, so we only get to see each other on the weekends. This weekend he also had to work on Sunday, so we really had to cram in our time together. Once you're so used to having a person around, it's kind of hard to get used to being alone again. That being said, I filled my time with plenty of PLL (addicted!). 
  • Did you guys hear that Adele is possibly coming out with a new album in November?! I can't wait! She is one of my absolute favorites.