Sunday, September 20, 2015

top three [09.20.2015]

my madewell shoes aren't available anymore, but this pair from express is similar (and cheaper!)

  • Herpes gestationis, now known as gestational pemphigoid, is an autoimmune reaction that causes tense blisters to form. They usually start around the naval and spread out. As if pregnancy isn't uncomfortable enough on it's own - so I'm told ;)
  • If you are hit by a car, you have a higher chance of dying if you are hit while in England/where they drive on the other side of the road. If you are in America, you are more likely to be hit on your left side, which is where your spleen is. If in England, you may injure your liver. You can live without a spleen, but not without a liver. 
  • Statistically, patients with schizophrenia are more likely born in the winter months. Several hypotheses exist for this correlation, including lack of vitamin D or the increase in viral infections during the winter. 

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  • I mentioned that Sole Society/ Chloe look alike purse a few weeks ago, and finally decided to order it. It's SO CUTE in real life. I can't wait to use it this month - it's large enough to hold my camera, it looks like real leather, and is just so darn pretty. It looks like the cognac is sold out, but the black is still available if you've been looking for a new crossbody bag!
  • I met up with two of my three best medical school friends and it was SO NICE to be back together. We had brunch, and then just sat around catching up for several hours. Why can't we all live close together?
  • OB is officially over now, and I'm already looking forward to my next rotation in it in March. Now I have a month of vacation, and I've basically planned out every single day until I start back with pysch in a month. First up: celebrating my birthday tomorrow by spending the day in Pittsburgh :)