Wednesday, August 28, 2013

august budget

1. Gap Fine Gauge Cardigan [seen here] - originally $60, with discount code $36

2. The Limited Slim Bootcut Pantsoriginally $70, on special sale for $40

3. Hawthorne Necklace via Groopdealz [seen here] - $10

4. The Limited Pencil Pants [seen here] - originally $65, with discount code $33

5. J.Crew Minnie Pants - originally $80, with discount code for $66


6. The Limited Pencil Pants - originally $65, with discount code $33

+ $15 in alterations

= $167 or $200

Remaining Quarter Budget: $500 - $200 at most = $300+ left until the end of October

So this month apparently was the month for dress pants! I knew that was going to be the case after realizing that I really do prefer pants over skirts, at least on days I don't want to put as much effort in, so it was necessary that I bought a few. The black pencil pants and slim boot cuts are for sure staying in my closet - both have already been worn and I really like them. You may remember that I bought the pencil pants for full price in store. I was watching the online sales, and got lucky when they were having a 50% off sale online. I ended up ordering the black again (now at half price) and the navy pair as well. I will be doing a switch around of receipts/returns so that I keep the pair I already have worn but for the price that I paid for the online order. I had also ordered the J.Crew Minnie pants, and they came yesterday. This is the first time I've tried on the Minnies, and I'm so torn about them. I love the color, they are so comfortable (stretchy!), and I think they'd be perfect for fall. The only thing I don't like is that the zipper is on the side instead of the front, and there aren't any front pockets, which I think makes them look a little bit like looser leggings. They do have belt loops, so they look like actual pants once you put a belt on. The blue pencil pants from The Limited haven't arrived yet, but I've decided I'm only going to keep one pair of colored pants. I think the maroon pants will be more versatile for my closet, but I like the fit of the pencil pants so much already that I'm unsure which pair I'll end up keeping. The blue ones are supposed to arrive on Thursday so I'll have to decide then after a bit of playing around in my closet.

So this was the first month of graduate school student loan budgeting and I think it went pretty well! As for the next month, I have an eye out for a few things. This weekend a few girlfriends and I are driving a few hours away to go to a bigger mall (ours here doesn't have some of the staples, like BR, Ann Taylor/Loft, J.Crew, Sephora...) and then stopping at the huge outlet mall on the way back. I'm hoping there will be some pretty good sales going on since it is Labor Day weekend. I really want to try on this shirt at J.Crew Factory (as seen on Lauren) - it's a little different than what I have in my closet, but I think that's why I like it so much. I'd also like to try this shirt from Loft on - I don't usually shop at Loft, but I think a dressier "tee" would be nice for a quick put together outfit for school. Throughout the closet weeding down and moving, I realized that I don't have a black and white striped long sleeve tee. I have the glittery one, but I just don't have "the standard" shirt and it's something I'm constantly wanting to reach for, but don't own. I want one that looks like this one (but for not pregnant women...obviously) - not fully striped, thinner stripes, and preferably long sleeved as that makes it the most versatile. I had a difficult time finding an example of this (hence the maternity example) so apparently finding the perfect striped shirt is going to be harder than expected. 

September is my birthday month (THE WHOLE MONTH), so there mayyyyyy be a few items purchased that won't be included in the budget as they'll technically be presents. I love birthdays :)

OK, enough about me, more about you. How'd everything work out for your this month? I'd love for you to join the other budgeting bloggers and myself by including your link below. Please make sure you link back to this post so your readers can discover other budgeting bloggers!

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