Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what's in her bag?

A few weeks ago, Jessica from Bedknobs & Baubles approached me to participate in a "What's in her Bag" feature along with three other bloggers with bags from Hobo Bags. I love these kind of posts - getting to see what people carry around with them in their various lives. As a medical student, my daily life involves a lot of books, lectures, and hours of studying. I need to be able to carry a lot with me, and the Hobo Morena really allows that while keeping everything neatly separated. Here are all of the things that are carried around with me on a daily basis.


The Morena is divided into three big compartments. The largest is in the middle, which I appreciate because usually the middle section is the flimsiest. I keep my iPod and notebooks in this section. One outside compartment is for my books, and the other is for personal/smaller items. This bag was really designed with the working woman (or in my situation, graduate student) in mind - there are convenient little details like a small slot for a pen/stylus, easily accessible side pockets, and a special compartment for a tablet.

from left to right:

Notebook/Books: In school we generally have about 3-4 hours of lecture, 1-2 hours of lab, and a few hours of free time in between. These "free" hours are actually study hours, so having a few materials, such as the review book for anatomy, is crucial. I try to take the smaller books with me on a daily basis and save the 1200 pager for study time at home ;)

Pencil Case: I love love love office supplies, so a pencil case is necessary. This little guy is from Target and holds all of my essentials - pencils (for test taking, which seems to happen at least once a day), pens (for notes), and highlighter (for being obsessive).

Personal Items: Rose Balm for the lips/cuticles, Friction Stick for when shoes are pinching (this is actually mostly used by my classmates than myself but hey, just helping a girl out!), Too Faced Lipstick in So Berry Sexy, and L'Occitane hand cream for after anatomy lab hand scrubbing.

iPad: I received this for my college graduation two years ago, and have rarely used it...until I started medical school. Now I can't live without it - I take all of my notes using Notability because you can write right onto the lecture slides, and you can record the lecture at the same time so I can always go back and listen to a section if I didn't understand it. I use this stylus as it has a fine tip point - I love it so much more than the thicker chubby styluses (I used this trick to make it even better). The iPad case is a few years old, but originally made by Jessica Simpson. I think I'd like to get a new one that is a bit more functional, so please let me know if you have any suggestions!

iPhone and headphones: I need music when I study, especially if I'm in a louder area. Lately I've been listening to The Piano Guys on repeat - they're so good! I'd love to see them live.

Wallet & Planner: I got this Kate Spade wallet on eBay months ago and I don't really see myself getting a new wallet any time soon. It's large, but I'm in love with it. The planner is from Target and I really like using it, even if it's just to keep track of my testing schedule.

I'd like to thank Hobo Bags for providing me with this beautiful purse that will get a lot of love over the next few years. Please go check out the following blogs to see what these women carry with them on a daily basis in their Hobo Bags! Huge shout-out to Jessica for putting all of this together!

Jessica at Bedknobs & Baubles