Wednesday, August 21, 2013

pick your perfect dansko!

As the daughter of a physician, as a former lab worker, and as a current medical student, I've had a lifetime of exposure to Dansko clogs - I think my mom owns like four pair just for around the house! I have a second hand pair I got via eBay a few years ago for working in the pharmaceutical lab, but I accidentally left them back in Madison when I moved. I was actually really upset when Chris told me that he found them because I wanted them for anatomy lab! As luck will have it, Dansko reached out to me and offered to send me a pair from either their stapled clog or Professional XP lines.

I love blogging.

And my new Danskos.

We still have to be in professional dress for lab which is actually pretty disgusting, so we all have a designated lab outfit that we plan on tossing at the end of anatomy lab (only eight short weeks away - send help and care packages. I wear my older pair of these pants as they were getting a bit worn). I decided to go with the patent black XP clogs because 1. It's nice to have at least one pretty shiny thing to look at while dissecting the foot and 2. I think they'll be so versatile in the future while still being dress code appropriate now. I've been wearing them for the last week in lab, and everyone has been so jealous - I told them how once we are done with lab I can just wipe them out and the smell (of formaldehyde and dissected feet) and bits and pieces of human flesh will be gone. So while everyone has to throw their shoes away, I get to keep mine because they didn't absorb any of the juices or smells. And not only do they not absorb cadaver smell, but they feel great on - great arch support*, and my back hasn't hurt since I started wearing them (bending over a cadaver for two hours gets on the back). 

SO, needless to say, I'm pumped about my new Danskos and you should be pumped too because you have the chance to win your choice of a Stapled Professional or Pro XP clog - just enter the rafflecopter below! If you win, please promise me you'll get these :)


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*If you have higher arched feet as I do, these may not be supportive enough. After wearing them on clinical rotations, I have switched to a different form of Dansko clogs that have more arch support!