Saturday, August 31, 2013

see much, spend little

Labor Day weekend! Shop all the stores, buy all the things.

Or so was my plan. I haven't really done a big shopping trip in quite some time. You know, the kind where your arms hurt from carrying all of your fancy schmany bags around. I tend to buy one piece here and there, but never just in one big trip. With our trip down to a bigger mall, I was hoping to pick up a few exciting things. 

I actually did a little bit of pre-shopping on Friday. I went to our local mall to return the pants I had ordered online at The Limited. My friend Lizzi had found some cute maroon pants online for me to try on, and I ended up liking this pair (on the left) but loving this pair (on the right). The pair on the left are actually full length pants that I just tucked up, but I thought the color was just a little bit too dark, and I didn't want to deal with the alterations. The pair on the right were perfect, and thanks to the 40% off the entire store, were $40. I'm so glad that I didn't decide to keep the J.Crew Minnies, and instead looked for something that fit my body better, and something that I'm more comfortable in because it has normal features like a front zipper and pockets. While looking at pants, I fell in love with the idea of this shirt but I could not justify spending almost $40 (with the sale code) on a polyester shirt where the sleeves didn't stay rolled. The style is beautiful, but the shirt itself is lacking. I've wanted a wrap cardigan in this style for as long as I can remember, so I think that'll be something I really start looking for this fall.
So in the Pittsburg mall I returned the god awful minnie pants at J.Crew, and bought a cute new glitter case there for my phone instead (it was $8!). There wasn't anything in the sale section, or even really the entire store, that I liked. We stopped at Banana Republic since we don't have one at home, but there wasn't anything I really liked which is a bummer since they are having a 40% off sale right now. Everything in the sale section was the cast offs from summer (which is to be expected around this time of year) and everything full priced wasn't worth the full price. 

We also stopped at Gap because I had to return the not-even-going-to-try-it-on shirts in hopes of finding these flats (because I've wanted some just like these for so long, and Audrey just wrote about them), but they were no where to be found. For as much as I usually like the Gap, I am not really a fan of what's currently in store - everything is still bright and neons when I just want some more toned down looks. I have some rewards built up so I think I may just order the shoes during the next good online promotion. I think they'd look great with my new pants ;)

So then more stores were entered and left empty handed. We went to Loft since we thought the entire store was 50% off, but it really was only a select few times which is such a shopping trap. I did try on this shirt initially just to figure out sizing for the orange-red version, but I kind of fell in love with the pattern. Not enough to pay full price for it though, so I'm hoping that it either will go on sale eventually, or that they role it out in a few more colors (as Southern Ele said they may do according to a sales associate she talked to). I think it would be really pretty in an emerald or another jewel tone. I actually tried on a bunch of shirts at Loft and kind of hated all of them. The sleeves were too loose, or didn't roll, or were too flimsy. So that was another bust. 

And then we went to Nordstrom and that's when the shopping gods smiled down upon me and showed me the way to the most perfect pair of shoes ever invented. Or my roommate saw them first and showed them to me. Either or. 

Maroon suede Mary-Janes. 
I've had a Nordstrom gift card for a few weeks now after winning a Chippmunk contest - I was initially saving it to buy a watch but these shoes convinced me otherwise. Are they 100% the most practical, health care professional shoes out there? No. But I love them and will wear them anyway. They're Sole Society, which I didn't even realize were sold in stores, but they are leather, and very comfortable for 3 inch heels. love love love

So after five hours in that mall, we stopped at the outlet mall on the way home. Apparently it's one of the top 10 outlet malls in the country - it's huge, and completely packed with people looking for a good deal. We did the J.Crew Factory store first because we are suckers.

I really wanted to like this shirt. I wanted to step outside of my usually style a little bit, but it was just too much. I felt like a toddler. The shirt itself is great though - not as boxy as I would have thought, the fabric was very soft, and it didn't see uncomfortable like some shirts do so if it is your style, it may really work out for you! I just knew I wouldn't ever wear it. I also tried on this skirt (it was okay, wish it was more camel colored), and this sweater but meh. AND THEN MORE SHOES. I've wanted the black version of the Sylvia wedges since I've received my nude pair. They are just so comfortable, they require no breaking in, and I really just like them. All shoes at J.Crew Factory are currently 40% off, and with my student discount on top of that, I got them for $60. I swear, if they ever come out with new colors, I'll buy those too, that's how much I love these wedges.

So I didn't get a bunch of things like I had "hoped". I didn't really want to have giant bags full of clothing, but sometimes it's not as much fun to be logical and smart about shopping. Sometimes I just want all of the clothes to look good on me so I can buy all of the shiny and pretty things. But as an adult (living off of student loan money), I just can't do that. I don't want to add in random things to my closet just for those few hours of shopping euphoria. I want my closet to just have pieces in it that I love, and want to wear. Like my new pants, and shoes. And my future perfect stripped shirt, future perfect black gingham button up, and future perfect wrap sweater.