Monday, August 5, 2013

the smallest changes

everlane sweatshirt rocket dog leopard 
This morning we had our first test - technically only a quiz but we were all pretty nervous. I woke up this morning thinking more about what I needed to know about embryo formation than what I was going to wear. In college I would just wear my jeans and sweatshirt during finals (which I feel medical school is all the time now), but that's not allowed, so I grabbed the next best thing - my black pants and my Everlane sweatshirt. Dress code appropriate, but not exactly something I felt great in. I actually felt pretty frumpy for the first part of the morning. It was just so boring and made me feel bigger than I do when I wear more "uncomfortable" clothing. My pants were too baggy, the sweatshirt too wrinkly, and the coffee not strong enough.

We had a two hour lunch break, so I went home to take my dogs to the dog park (the school is 3 minutes from my house, and my house is 2 minutes from the dog park) so I took that as an opportunity to change - I exchanged the black pants for a black skirt, and added a necklace and I felt so much better. When I got back to school, my roommate told me how cute I looked (I pick the good ones!) - pretty much the same outfit but minor changes made all the difference.

Things you learn. 
Sweatshirt: Everlane
Skirt: thrifted
Necklace: c/o Apple of My Eye [exact on sale!]
Shoes: Rocket Dog
Bag: Kate Spade [save | similar]
and I'm not wearing pantyhose. shh, don't tell!