Thursday, August 29, 2013

j.crew minnie pants review

When I realized a few weeks ago that more dress pants would be needed in my closet, I kind of did a run down of all the stores I'm familiar with. I ordered a bunch of pants from the Gap (which didn't work out), found a two pairs I liked from the Limited, and did a bit of research on the Minnie pants from J.Crew. I found several reviews on them (see this, this, and this), most saying how they are the go-to pants for work, they look so great, basically BUY THESE YOU WON'T REGRET IT. And I thought they did look really nice on those ladies, so I did go order two sizes during a recent 25% off site-wide sale.

Now, this may come as a shock to you, but I am not a size 0. I am no where near that size, so things look a lot different on me than they do on thinner women. I have a lot more to "contain" and worry about, so even though these pictures are fairly (...very) unflattering, I hope they help someone out so you don't think that it's all you, but it may just be the pants.

First off, I'm so glad I left my dark bedroom to take these pictures because I was half way convinced that these looked fine on me. I really like the color of them, the tall length that I ordered meant that they were long enough to not look like cropped pants (a big no-no for the dress code), and they were honestly very comfortable to wear. Seeing these pictures made me have one of these moments:

Not good. The material is too thin, so every single line, tucked in shirt, and pocket material shows through. The wrinkling around the thighs and knees look very unprofessional and sloppy (on me! I want to emphasize that since they look nice on others), and I just can't get past the whole not having a zipper or pockets in the front since there is nothing to break up the hip region. 

So I've decided to keep them.

Kidding! These are going back this weekend during our trip to the Pittsburg mall. I also received my pencil pants today, and am disappointed to say that the navy pair is going back as well. The color is a very dark navy, and I wanted the color to be a bit lighter so you could tell they were actually blue instead of just a faded black. So the budget from August is now ~$130, which means more money for this weekend! I may try on these pants from Loft while I'm looking for this tee since they are having a pants sale for Labor Day weekend. I'll probably look for these pants while we're at the outlet mall even though they have that damn side zipper. The pair I'm most excited to try on is this pair that my friend Lizzi found online for me (I kind of love both the maroon and the grey printed ones....).

Edit: After a bit of shopping around, these pants are my new favorite dress ankle pants. They have everything I wanted (zipper, pockets, maroon, not legging like), and for less than the Minnies. I highly suggest giving them a try!