Friday, July 11, 2014


DSC01235 Greetings from Seattle! We got here Tuesday and have been all over the place. Buying fresh fruit and flowers at the market, visiting EMP, experiencing all sorts of public transportation, kayaking on Lake Union, having dinner with a few of my favorite bloggers (more on that later), and just really enjoying our trip out to the west coast. I loved my trip here last summer, and this trip has been just as wonderful. I feel like I can kind of figure out the city better, and sometimes it's fun just to play tour guide a little bit!

During our adventures downtown, I of course managed to sneak in a tiny bit of shopping. I found these amazing super soft jeans at Nordstrom Rack that I was willing to pay the $90 price tag for (I buy jeans like once a year and they last me forever) so I was of course super excited when they rang up for 1/6 of the price they go for at Nordstrom! Seattle is just my jean-shopping location apparently

Bri has been such an amazing host, I really couldn't ask for a better friend. I'm excited every day when she gets done with work so we can go explore together. Yesterday we took advantage of going to the Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access Sale, and even though neither of us really found anything, it was just exciting to see all the pretty pieces coming out this fall. I was so tempted to buy these earrings (going for almost half of what they usually sell for) as I have wanted them for years, but I just always have to remind myself that I'm allergic to most metals. We then went to J.Crew because they were having a 1 day 50% off sale items sale (it is currently still 40% off though!). I fell in love with these olive pants, but they only had regular sizes in stores, and online they were almost 3 times as expensive! I also tried on this ruffley dress which Bri quickly vetoed, and a striped dress which was cute but sat too low on my waist. So in the end I walked away with nothing (I know, no one was more surprised than me, not even my boyfriend), but I loved having that shopping time with Bri in real life. 

We are going to Portland this weekend for a quick 1.5 day trip, so I would love to hear any recommendations you have. I've heard voodoo donuts is a must!

DSC01258 Sweater: Banana Republic Factory
Shorts: Old Navy [exact]
Sunglasses: knock-offs via Amazon [exact]
Bag: Coach via Etsy [current version]
Watch: Michael Kors [exact]
Ring: BaubleBar [exact]
Shoes: Target [similar now on sale!]