Monday, July 28, 2014

july budget

1. Target dress [seen here]: $20
2. Hudson jeans via Nordstrom Rack [seen here]: originally $180, on sale for $35
3. Project Social tee: $35
4. J.Crew dress [seen here]: originally $158, on sale for $55
5. J.Crew pants: originally $98, on sale for $35
6. Banana Republic Factory sweater [seen here]: $25
7. Uniqlo Jeans [seen here]: $40

Total July spent: $245

Quarterly Budget: $110 in May + $120 in June + 245 in July = $475

So I knew that July would be a bigger shopping month for me because of the trips to Seattle and NYC. Both of those trips were more about seeing friends and going exploring, and less about shopping, so I only purchased a few things in each place. While almost fall under my "rules", I felt like I tried to at least step a little out of my normal items. The striped pants (which are still on sale + 40% off) are a fun addition to my normal school pants collection, while the Hudson jeans (which I still can't believe I got for one sixth of the original price) are so comfortable that they'll be perfect for long weekends at the library.

I did order these shoes at the end of last month, but have decided I'm going to return them. While they are cute and very inexpensive, I don't have a need for another pair of sandals right before school starts. I also didn't really like the black part of the sandal as it looked a little too plasticy.

As for as c/o items this month, BaubleBar sent me these beautiful pieces of jewelry. I've been a long-time fan of the brand, and all of my pieces from them have held up very well! My favorite is this necklace, which I've worn at least five times since I received it a few weeks ago. It's something I would never have thought of purchasing, but it's my go-to item right now.

one | two | three [seen here] | four
So what are my plans for next quarter? Well, I have to wait until we get our student loan checks, so for the first three-ish weeks shopping is a little on hold. I did order this vest as it is backordered for another three weeks, so it won't ship/charge until after we get money. Once that comes in, I'm hoping to add a few of the items mentioned here so round out my closet....although this dress just came out, and I'm trying to figure out if there's a way I can make it work for school - thoughts?

Did you stick to your July budget? I would love to hear more about it - please add your link below, and be sure to link back to this post so your readers can read and discover other budgeting bloggers!