Sunday, July 13, 2014


Another day in Seattle means another day of playing tourist/tour guide! Bri let us use her car on Friday, so after a beautiful walk around Green Lake, we headed down to Ballard to grab some nachos + margaritas for lunch from the Matador, and then to Fremont to visit the troll who lives under the bridge (turns out he's a big softy). We ended up spending another hour walking around the area - it's adorable, and maybe my favorite part of the city so far. For dinner we had a sushi picnic down around Green Lake again - there were sooooooo many adorable babies around. It was mentioned that it was like watching real life America's Funniest Home Videos, with all the kids falling face forward into the wading pool and toddlers chasing squirrels, and it was so true!

On Saturday we headed up (down? over?) to go on a little hike to Snoqualmie Falls. Bri and I seem to match where ever we go - this time in our favorite Everlane tees. After the "strenious" hike, we treated ourselves to the most expensive pizzas ever, but they were worth every cent as they were so so good.

On the way back into the city we stopped at U Village because I've wanted to get to a Madewell all summer. I was hoping and praying that this crossbody bag would magically be on sale as it would be the best bag ever, but it was unfortunately still full price. My luck turned though when we popped into J.Crew as they were still having their 50% off sale items sale in stores. I have wanted this dress since the day it was released, but with the hefty price tag, I have held off for a good four months. I found the last one on the sales rack, in my size. With the 50% off sale plus my student discount, I got it for one third of the original price! I'm excited to wear it now during the summer for our last couple of trips, and then a bit more covered up during the school year. There are a few sizes left online, and with the current 40% off deal (that ends tonight), you can get it for a steal too! If the pattern is too busy for you, I think this subdued striped one would be a great addition to any closet (plus it comes in petites and talls).
Tee: Boden [exact on sale]
Shorts: Gap [similar on sale]
Necklace: Forever 21 [exact]
Purse: Coach [current version]
Watch: Michael Kors [very similar save | exact]
Shoes: Target [similar version now on sale]
Nails: Essie [exact]
We are headed down to Portland today - thank you so much for all of your awesome recommendations! We can't wait to fit in as many as possible into our quick 24 hour stay there - as many donuts as possible will be instagrammed ;)