Tuesday, July 8, 2014

how to not pack for vacation

This is not a "how to pack for a 7 day vacation" post. 

I will be the first to admit that I'm not a great packer. My strategy previously was to throw all of my favorite items (so a bunch of basics) into my suitcase and hope for the best. It's worked out fine in the past, but always lead to pretty uninspired outfits. With this trip to Seattle, I tried to at least come up with a few outfits ahead of time (you can see some of the planning here on instagram). I still threw in some favorites because I knew I was going to change my mind, and because we don't have exact plans of what we are doing yet, but I'm hoping that this pre-planning will help me on days when I don't know what to wear. 

Here's what's coming with me:

- 5 blouses (top to bottom: ASOS, Loft, Loft, J.Crew Factory, J.Crew)
- 1 long sleeved striped shirt (Loft)
- 3 tees (Boden + Everlane)
- 1 cardigan (J.Crew Factory)
- 1 sweater (Banana Republic Factory)

- 3 shorts (Gap + Old Navy)
- 1 skirt (J.Crew factory - current version)
- 1 pair of jeans (Madewell)
- 2 dresses (Target)

- 1 crossbody (current version - mine is "vintage" via Etsy)
- 4 necklaces (c/o oNecklace, Forever 21, c/o BaubleBar - available next week)
- 2 rings (the x-ring is my new favorite!)
- 2 belts

Madewell + Target (the ones I ordered last week didn't come in time, but luckily I found my favorite pair from last year hiding in the garage!)

I left a little room in my suitcase because I'm hoping to find a few special pieces to come back with me. Last year in Seattle I bought my favorite pair of jeans (I found them for $30 on the sales rack!) so with so many stores right at my finger tips, I'm keeping an eye out specifically for another pair of jeans (lighter coloring, a little distressed - like this pair) and I'm hoping to find a cognac crossbody bag (like this beauty). Having a plan, and being willing to spend a little more on things I know I'll wear for years will help prevent having grabby fingers about every cute thing I see!

and for what I wore for a 6 AM departure time...
Blouse: Loft [exact]
Pants: Gap [similar on sale]
Watch: Michael Kors [exact]
Bag: Madewell [exact]
Flats: Banana Republic [exact]
Nails: Essie [exact]

Bri and I will be 'gramming like crazy - follow me here and her here!