Thursday, July 3, 2014

staples on sale: america edition

I'm a big believer in shopping the sales rack. I think patience pays off, and you can get some awesome pieces at a fraction of the cost that they originally went for. Getting those staple pieces you'll own and wear for years, and then getting them on sale, is the icing on the (4th of July) cake. Here's a round-up of closet staples currently out for grabs for a huge percent less than they originally cost:

J.CREW: 40% off sales items with code SHOPMORE (through July 8th)

So of course I first have to mention that my beloved schoolboy blazer is on super sale again (thanks to my girl Tierney for pointing it out!). See it on me here, and a review of regular versus tall here. There are several versions available at different price points, including a few under $40 (although at final sale, so please be warned). The field jacket is something I've had my eye on FOREVER, and if I wasn't holding on to my money to find a jean jacket, and if the tall were available in black, I would have ordered it. It's going for less than $80 though, so I highly suggest getting your fall coat now! The eyelet top is a piece I reviewed here, and I'm glad to see it finally came down in price. Finally, ballet flats and pencil skirts are forever, so may as well get them for a steal.

Loft is my new favorite store - partially because their clothes are ideal of my business casual dress code, and mostly because they are always having a sale. Above are a few picks that would stand the test of time (especially the striped dress - you'd wear it forever), with nothing costing more than $30. The top I got last week is also now on sale, so if you get it, don't tell me since I'll be so jealous you got it for cheaper than I did. 

J.CREW FACTORY: 40-60% off everything

My love for J.Crew Factory runs deep. I can't always afford the prices of the J.Crew pieces, but I know that if I wait long enough that the Factory store will have something very similar. Last year I was obsessed with this printed dress from J.Crew, but it never came down in price enough to justify the price, so needless to say, I'm pumped that they came out with the Factory version. It also has a skirt in the same pattern, which I was thisclose to ordering a few days ago after seeing it on Kristina. I'm heading to the outlets on Saturday with a girlfriend, so I'm hoping that I can find it in stores, at least to try on! 

Other sales worth mentioning:

BANANA REPUBLIC: 40% off (until 7/7)
GAP: 25% off (until 7/4)
ASOS: 20% off (ends 7/8)

happy shopping!