Friday, July 25, 2014

staple on sale: j.crew herringbone vest

For the last two years, the herringbone vest has been one of the most popular items out there - it always sells out almost immediately! I missed out last year, and instead found a much puffier version from Gap. While that vest is great for keeping all bundled up, it isn't something I can wear casually, it's more true outerwear. Luckily for both you and me, J.Crew Factory brought it back this year. With the current 30% off sale going on, it can be yours for less than $80. While pricey for a vest, it is cute enough to be on trend without being too trendy that you won't wear it next year.

If you aren't convinced yet, look at all of the adorable ways it can be worn here. I see a lot of chambray in my future ;)