Friday, July 18, 2014

staple on sale: nordstrom anniversary edition

I grew up in a state that doesn't have a Nordstrom, so the concept of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was completely foreign to me until last summer when Bri explained the magic behind this time of the year - getting the upcoming season's newest pieces for end of the season prices. You know I'm all about getting a great deal on closet staple pieces, so there's no better time than now to buy a few key pieces for the fall (even though it's probably still 90+ degrees where you are!).

Below are a few of my favorite, budget friendly (most under $100...even though I wish I could justify this beauty) items that would get wear for many seasons to come. Three work/school appropriate tops in neutral colors that would go with everything, and a comfy cardigan for the weekends (or long study nights!). A few pairs of designer jeans for almost half of the price (I bought a pair of the Hudson skinny jeans last week and am in love - they are incredibly soft!). And while winter snow storms are (hopefully) another 4 months away, these beautiful coats make me want to bundle up early (especially that Olivia Pope look-alike!).

I'm in NYC for the weekend so I'm hoping to stop by at Nordstrom to try on a few things in person. I definitely see this cute top (worn tucked into skirts or casually with jeans) and this cognac bag (something I've looked for for months now) coming back with me on the train. I hope I can find this menswear-inspired jacket too (I hope the arms are long enough, it's something I always struggle with).
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one | two | three | four
 one | two | three | four | five

one | two | three | four (love love love) | five
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