Friday, August 1, 2014

staples on sale: neutral j.crew

dress | pants | blazer | skirt | chambray

Over the past year or so, I've found myself really drawn to neutrals. I think it's just so easy to look pulled together and still be able to mix and match the pieces in your closet. Neutral doesn't have to be boring though! Between patterns, cute cuts, and fun accessories, having a neutral-based closet can be both exciting and simple. With J.Crew's current 40% off final sale items, here are a few of the pieces I would love to (and may already) own:

Herringbone Linen Dress: This dress has great reviews online, and with it coming in just over $70, it would be a perfect work dress. The simple white and black palette means you can stick with more neutrals, or dress it up by adding a colored cardigan or blazer on top of it. I'm hoping that it's still around by the time my money comes in as I would love to add this to my school dress rotation.

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Seersucker Pants: I got these for under $40 last week. I love that they are professional enough for me to wear with a blouse to school now, but can also be worn slightly casual with a great v-neck tee on weekends. If you are interested, I would size up as they run slightly small! Also note that it doesn't have belt-loops - is there a way those can easily be sewn on? You guys know how much I love to match my shoes and belts ;)

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Schoolboy Blazer: I can't stop raving about my blue schoolboy blazer (I loved it so much that I ordered the black one last spring, which is also currently on sale), and I know many feel the same way. It's definitely one of those closet staples that will last for years, and with it being under $60 currently (more than one third of the original price!), getting one now while it's still warm will pay off more than when all the sizes are gone once the temperatures drop. It comes in regular, petite, and tall, which is great since I needed the extra length in the arms.

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Striped Mini: While not school appropriate for me, this skirt would be great for anyone who either has shorter legs or a much more casual work environment. I love it because it can both be a statement piece, or a neutral bottom, depending on what you wear it with.

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Chambray Shirt: I have version of this shirt from Old Navy, but after three years, I think it's time for an upgrade. I'd love this soft version slightly oversized - it would be perfect with dark jeans, riding boots, and a scarf for fall weekends and long library nights. This is the other item I'm hoping will still be around in two+ weeks!

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