Tuesday, August 19, 2014

shake it off: outfit inspiration

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top | pants | shoes | lipstick

My roommate and I like to have dance breaks during studying - one of us will need a few minutes of dancing around like crazies, so we turn up our "song", and basically jump all over the house. There's not real dancing involved - just dancing, shaking, and scaring dogs. Basically, everything that Taylor Swift is advocating for in her latest video Shake It Off (which we've already decided is this semester's "song")

While I haven't always been the biggest T. Swift fan, she has won me over the last year or so with her cute clothes - I definitely never look this cute leaving the gym! And so while I love the music in her latest video, her all black outfit has made debate cutting off my hair, buying bright red lipstick (in heatwave), and only wearing black from here on out. My favorite part may be her shoes though - while I think hers are from Zara, these Lucky ones are almost exactly the same.

Which dancing Taylor is your favorite?