Friday, August 15, 2014

how do you pick out an outfit?

Boden Wow Pencil Skirt As a person who generally likes to have a plan for everything, I surprisingly rarely plan outfits ahead of time. A few of you have asked me how I put outfits together, if I plan them the night before, and how I get ready in the morning. I wish I had the forethought to really plan that in advance, but to be honest, I rarely think about what I'm going to wear the next day. 

My getting dressed process this morning revolved around how my day was going to play out. We had to be in school for most of the day, so I wanted something I would be comfortable in for seven hours, so nothing too tight or constricting. I've also been making an effort these last few weeks to try to wear more of the items in my closet instead of reaching for the same ten items I usually want to wear (black pants, simple blouse). I've only had the chance to wear this skirt once since I received it, so I pulled it out, and then I basically hold it up to my shirts and see what I think looks good together. It takes a bit of the guess work out of what works together and what doesn't without having to try a bunch of stuff on (and then having to hang it all back up once you decide...or ya know, throwing them on a chair to put away later like I do). I've been really loving this necklace I got a few months ago (it's sold out online but may still be found in stores, although this one is almost identical and still available), and I love how it compliments the greens of the skirt. I choose the black wedges over the nude wedges because I felt it book-ended it all better, having dark on top and bottom.

So that's my getting ready process most mornings! I pick an item, try to figure out what goes with it, and then choose one "special" item, like a necklace or scarf. Definitely not rocket science but it works for me. What's your getting dress routine? Do you lay it out the day before, or like the little bit of anxiety in the morning figuring it all out? ;)

Tee: JcPenney [very similar]
Skirt: c/o Boden [exact on sale]
Necklace: Forever 21 [very similar]
Shoes: J.Crew Factory [exact on sale]
Watch: Michael Kors [cute save | exact]
Ring: BaubleBar [exact]
Nails: OPI [exact]