Friday, August 8, 2014

staples on sale: ann taylor friends and family

bag | dress | shoes skirt
Ann Taylor is a brand that I wish I had access to where I lived - I always love their professional and timeless pieces, but with their high shipping minimum for free shipping, I never pull the trigger. They are currently running their friends and family sale though, with 40% off everything. If only my money was in (only another week and a half...)! Here are a few items that I would love to own, and may still keep an eye out for during future sales...

Tote: Technically, the last thing I need right now is another tote bag (my Madewell bag is plenty loved, and the Kate Spade one I use for school is holding up nicely), but Jean has been raving about this bag for months, and every time I see it I want it a little bit more. I love that it's a bag that looks like it will really hold it's structure (great for lugging my laptop every where) while being sleek and polished. If you're looking for a school or work bag, put this baby on the top of the list (but don't send me pictures because I'll be insanely jealous).

Polka Dot Dress: I actually have a dress very similar to this that I recently altered to the proper hem length. I can't wait to wear it with both my beloved red and cognac accessories. If you're interested and on the taller side, consider going with the tall sizes as this is reviewed as being slightly short for work environments.

Quilted Leather Shoes: The cap-toe makes it fashionable, the leather makes it comfortable, and the block heel makes it easy to walk in. An all around great everyday shoe.

Tweed Skirt: A dark tweed skirt is on the top of my fall wish list - it's dark and neutral enough to be professional (and flattering!), but the texture adds a bit of extra interest. I think it's similar to my tweed dress, which I grab for all the time, so having a separate would get a ton of mileage - I really hope this is still around in a few weeks! I see it paired easily with a nice silk blouse and a pretty jeweled necklace in the fall, and then with black tights and a cowled scarf once the snow hits.