Wednesday, August 27, 2014

august budget

The Limited Pants: originally $70 + 50% off = $35 + $10 altering fee = $45
Banana Republic Blazer: originally $140 + 30% off = $100
Old Navy Tee: on sale for $10

August Budget: $155

Budget left for the quarter: $345

I felt that I spent so much money this month, but looking back, all of it was on things I didn't have money for at the end of the last student loan disbursement period - like dentistry insurance (finally!), new non-shredded dog toys, review books, and a new pair of glasses (that show up tomorrow!). While none are essential, I'm happy our school provides us with the option of that insurance this year, and I'm sure my dogs are excited to have new things to pull apart.

The three items of clothing I did purchase and keep are definitely on a sliding scale of 'essentials' and price points. I mentioned a while ago I wanted to try a graphic tee just for fun, and I think this one will look great peaking out from under blazers and cardigans (it's currently going for $10 and has a bunch of other cute prints). The blazer is definitely not an essential, nor was it inexpensive, but I've been wishing for cooler days so I can finally wear it. Like I mentioned in my mini-review, it comes in three sizes which I was really happy about it since blazers tend to be too tight around my shoulders and the tall size gives me a bit more room. The one review so far is for the petites size if you want to know about the other end of the spectrum. And finally, the pants from The Limited were found during a store-wide 50% off sale, and with a bit of tailoring at the knees (more about that next week), they come in as both a staple and not tooooo expensive.

As for the things I didn't keep, I tried on this shirt dress from Target after ordering it online. I ordered it in a medium, and a large (mostly because I wanted to get free shipping). Below is the large. The medium fit me better in my arms and from the waist down, but was way too tight in the bust and just left it gaping open. I was hopeful it would be cute but like with most Target clothes on me, it just didn't work. The pockets are right on the widest part of my hips, and even belting it didn't help. I also thought the arm...roll up holders (what in the world are those actually called?) were way too low on the arm - usually they are about four inches closer to the elbow but these left the arm length at a strange point on my lower arm. All around a loss, but I suppose it didn't hurt to at least try it.

So for next month, things get a little weird with budget stuff. It's my birthday at the end of the month, and all year I save towards buying myself a little something. I put $20 of every blogging paycheck into a savings account, so I have $240 I can spend. Last year I used that money plus the money I earned from selling a Burberry jacket I found at Goodwill towards a Burberry trench coat. I'm still not really sure what I'm going to do with this year's money. I was thinking shoes though. I feel I could get a lot of use out of a bootie (I never thought I'd say that) but I think it would be great for wearing with skirts and dresses over the winter. I don't know though if I want to spend the whole sum of money on something I don't know about yet, so I was thinking maybe getting this slightly less expensive pair (or something very similar to that style) and then looking for some TB Revas on eBay for the rest of the money. Thoughts or recommendations on booties out there? I'm completely new to that world of shoes.

When I ordered the BR blazer I also purchased this white oxford because I realized I don't have a cotton white button-up, and while I don't believe that it's one of those things that "every woman in the whole world needs in her closet" kind of things, I think it would work well in mine. At the time I ordered it in a tall large, but I think it may be too wide on me. I'm going up to Buffalo this weekend so I'm hoping to try on the regular large to see if that works better. I would also like to try on this J.Crew pleated top - I think the green jewel tone is so beautiful and a great way to add a little color to my wardrobe. Other than that, I hope to buy a pair of black boots sometime in the next few months because the grey boots I've had for the last four years finally wore through to the bottom but for a $60 Steve Madden pair of boots they did pretty well! It just leaves that hole in my closet, and if we have another winter like we did last year, I'll be in boots a ton.

Anyway, how did budgeting go for you this month? I'd love to hear about it in the comments or by linking up below - please make sure you link back to your readers can read everyone else's posts!