Friday, August 22, 2014

the lizzi chronicles: purging, donating, and boyfriends

Back when I was preparing to move last year, I kind of did all of the purging in stages without really documenting any of it. At the time, I hadn't moved more than three miles in any direction in seven years, so it took a while to go through everything I had accumulated in that time. One of my favorite ladies, Lizzi, is currently in the processing of moving in with her boyfriend, and in the process is using this move as a time to not only clean out her closet, but many of the different items in her possession. She's been doing a ton of research on how to best donate certain items, and we both thought that it would make for a great couple of posts. I hope you guys enjoy her intro post - be on the look out for progress pictures in the next few weeks!

*clears throat* Is this thing on? Is this where one blogs?

Ah, yes! Hello! This is Lizzi, Fran's favorite outlet shopping and concert companion! I am here because I approached Fran a few weeks ago about doing a few posts on "getting rid of stuff".

NO! Don't leave yet! I know that doesn't really have a lot of zing as it stands, but let me explain myself. And for what it's worth, I swear that Fran responded to my email with "I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!" and "I'M SO EXCITED!!"

In the last five years, my living situations have consisted of living in a house with five other people (oh, college!), a 2 BR apartment with a friend, a different 2 BR apartment with a different friend, and finally an apartment of my own. The number of things I have needed to personally own has been inversely proportional to the number of roommates I lived with. Once it was just me and my cat Mozart, I needed to buy all the things (Couches! End tables! Kitchenware!) that I had been mooching borrowing from my past roommates.

I have been in a cozy 1 BR apartment for the last two years with all the things! and no entry closet, around 8 ft^2 of counter space and only a few cupboards in the kitchen, and a bedroom closet that is unworthy of housing the wardrobe of a typical female. I countered these issues with a tension rod in my pantry for a makeshift coat closet, a baker's rack and additional shelving so I could actually cook, and three mismatched dressers to host what my cramped closet could not. I exacerbated them by accumulating all the things! and generally having too much stuff despite moving four times in five years.

Now let's fast forward to a little over a month from now when I'll be moving in to a 2 BR loft apartment with my boyfriend. Simply put: I can't keep all the things. And I need to prepare myself for (gasp!) sharing a closet with another person. And I really can't keep moving those few remaining mystery boxes I've been shuffling from place to place over the last few years that usually just get shoved under my bed to be forgotten.

I know you all know what I'm talking about. We've all had those boxes.

I need to have a serious liquidation of all things Lizzi in the next few weeks. In order to help my inner hoarder let go of my possessions, I have been exploring lesser-known donation avenues in an attempt to get items into the hands of people who need them most. For example, kitchen items (especially cookware) are always in demand at food pantries. I am also going to inventory items that both my boyfriend and I have so any duplicates can be eliminated and donated before the big move. I want to share my pain and suffering what I learn along the way with all of you -- my losses are your gains!

First up: ALL THE CLOTHING! Coming soon. :)

This will be my first time ever living with a significant other, and the same goes for him. For those of you who are living or have lived with your partner, what's your best piece of advice for us first-timers?