Sunday, August 24, 2014

I do it for the LOLs: outtakes volume 1

For the first two years of blogging I took all my own pictures. I started it all by just snapping a picture of my outfit with my computer (oh god, the shame tuck!), then using my camera (still in the bathroom), then moving to the patio, and eventually I started standing in the middle of streets like the true fashion blogger I am. When I moved last year, I no longer had time to drive somewhere to take a picture, so you guys got stuck looking at an ugly grey brick wall for most of the last year. I missed having a bit more fun with backgrounds, but I only live three minutes away from school with no cute stops on the way, so grey wall it was.

I got offered to do a post with Boden in April, and I felt like I needed to step it up just a little bit, so I asked my boyfriend if he would mind snapping a few pictures (in front of a different brick wall haha). We actually had a lot of fun doing it, and he's offered ever since to take my pictures. I love that it takes less time and the pictures turn out better, and he loves me so he puts up with it ;) But really, I'm so thankful that he's supportive of this hobby - he's always throwing out ideas for different posts (it was his idea to do the day in the life post) and is very patient when I ask him to retake the same picture three times. My favorite part of the whole experience is the outtakes though - I get such a kick out of them! Some are true outtakes, some I'm just hamming it up, and most are me just falling over...

So for your viewing pleasure....the outtakes, volume 1:
originally seen here
excuse you, we're taking pictures here.

less grumpy pictures here
attitude since always
so casual.
hold me wall, because I can't hold myself.