Monday, March 16, 2015

love it / want it

nordstrom new neutral
Over the past few years, neutrals have slowly been taking over both my closet and my make up routine. I rarely shy away from the more subdued colors of bronze, soft pinks, and a thick black lash anymore (even though I wish I could rock the blue mascara like my mom does!). Here are a few of my tried and true neutral favorites, as well as a few from Nordstrom's New Neutral collection that I'd like to try out in the future: 

one: pricey, but one swipe is all you need for a customized pink pout 
two: two layers of this, and you'll have a chip free manicure for at least a week
three: used only on special occasions, I love the bit of beautiful hightlighting this does!
four: a serious staple in my rotation (other current favorites: go ginza and minimalistic)
five: it looks super pigmented, but it actually looks really natural on (and one pot lasts forrrrrevvver)
six: truly the only eyeshadow palette you'll ever need
seven: the easiest way to get that flushed look - watch the video to see how pretty it is on!
eight: the outside is just so pretty, plus the reviews say it's the most beautiful pink when on your lips
nine: an update on the bronzer I grew up watching my mom use 
ten: this polymer trio promises voluminous lashes, and the reviews can't stop raving about it
eleven: besides being the perfect "better than nude" color, the name (bitch perfect) is...well, perfect!
twelve: you will never have to buy another blush again (*a Nordstrom exclusive...want so bad!)

thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post - all opinions are of course my own