Friday, March 13, 2015

day in the life: of a second year med student (while board studying...)

7:30: Good morning! I somehow have turned into one of those people who is awake as soon as the alarm goes off (ok fine, only one snooze), so I go downstairs to let the dogs out. While the snow just about everywhere else has melted, the back of our complex never gets sun, so we still have two feet of it out back - it's entertaining to watch Hans walk across it and then sink in ;)

 7:45: Shower time. I've recently started dry brushing before getting in the shower using this inexpensive brush I found on Amazon. My skin is pretty dry, and the combination of dry brushing + this lubriderm lotion has really helped this winter. After showering I quickly do my make up (my staples include this smashbox powder, stila's eyeliner, and this too faced mascara). I needed to wash my hair today, so getting ready takes a bit longer on those days. I use a combination of Kiehl's heat-protective cream and living proof's style extender before blow drying, and a few blasts of oribe's dry texturizing spray after curling my hair.

 CR stayed up later working than I did last night, so he sleeps in a little bit while I make breakfast and coffee (that man needs his coffee to even get out of bed!). We have a variation of the same breakfast every day - eggs (usually scrambled), turkey sausage, and beans. Breakfast is seriously my favorite meal of the day.

8:50: I have about an hour before we have to leave for school. We started derm on Monday, and it's not my favorite so far (it's a little bit boring....). Most of our next exam is on microbiology, so I spend some time going over various fungi.

10:00: We have a microbiology meeting - it's our last meeting ever! We spent the next 1.5 hours working with our friend Russell (hi Mrs. F!) on a group quiz about various dermatology scenarios. Measles is no joke. 

 11:45: We come home to a few packages on the door and I'm so excited because it's what I thought was the perfect white summer dress. A full review coming next week, but as you can see, it is not a winner....

12:00: At the beginning of the semester, one of our professors told us that we should cut corners in our life to make room for board studying - and one of his suggestions was to cut down on making food. No joke! Well, I like my food too much to just eat box food for the next four months, and I'd rather feel satisfied than study hungry, so we've been making an attempt to still eat good food. Today's lunch consisted of spaghetti squash (baked in the oven for an hour and then pan fried with a little bit of spaghetti sauce) and meatballs. I could eat this meal every day, it's so darn good. I do a bit of kitchen cleaning while it cooks so the place isn't a mess after we eat.

12:30: with a stomach full of spaghetti squash (more please!), it's time to do a bit of pathoma reading. I'm currently re-learning the GI system, and so the next few hours are spent learning about the colon, and the difference between ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease. 

 3:00 OPP lab. During the next 1.5 hours a couple of us are given a practical (we do this most labs) and then we go over some of the more important techniques we've learned over the last year and a half. We mostly use this time to fix each other's painful backs and gossip.

4:45: After lab every week, Caitlin and I have been making it a point to go to the gym since we're already in work out clothes (with matching shoes), and half way to the gym. We do 30 minutes on some kind of weird elliptical machine, then do some arm exercises, and stretch. It's really just our time to catch up and do something other than sit at at desk. We also run into one of our first year friends (hi Alan!) and talk to him for a little bit.

6:00: I get home, take a quick shower, and pack a few bags. CR and I usually stay at his apartment on the weekends because I have a desk there (instead of sharing the kitchen table at my house), and he lives alone, so we usually just hole away to get work done there. My backpack has all my books in it (only 4 today haha), while my tote has a few changes of clothes and makeup.

 6:45: I stop at Starbucks to pick up a few coffees...mine apparently is cream with a splash of coffee.

7:00: CR has dinner ready by the time I get there - tonight we are having pork chops and a sweet potato mash. We also have an audience, just like we do at every meal.

7:15: The next 2.5 hours are spent watching all of the pathoma videos for the reading I did earlier. I got these headphones for Christmas, and they are seriously amazing. I can wear them all day/night and my ears/head never hurt. Over the last few months, all of my friends and I all got the same pair, so we normally sit at the library together with our matching headphones like a bunch of (matching) dorks.

10:00: CR brings me a little chocolate croissant as a treat - that boy is a keeper, I'll tell you what. We're still doing the 4 Hour Body diet, but being a bit relaxed about it, so a little croissant is just fine. And exactly what I needed at that moment.

10:00: I'm finally finished with Pathoma, and so I start reading the same material in First Aid, and annotating my pathoma notes into it. I watch the Picmonic videos for the major diseases and add them to my playlist.

12:15: It's cat play time - that cat is like a clock, and has to have playtime at the same time every day. Daylights savings time has thrown her off, so it's later than usual.

12:25: Finally time to put the books away and get ready for bed. I didn't get everything done that I wanted to today, but that always happens on days where we have more school commitments. I would rather finish the last few pages while fresh in the morning, instead of rush through them just to say I was done tonight. I take my make up off with coconut oil, wash my face with my favorite little sponge, and apply Kiehl's Midnight Recovery serum (see my review on it here).

12:30: We are finally finishing an episode of Game of Thrones that we started last week. Only one episode left until we are all caught up!

1:00: Good night!

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