Sunday, March 29, 2015

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  • A chronic lack of niacin in one's diet can lead to a condition called pellagra. The med school mnemonic way of remembering it is that it causes the 3 D's - diarrhea, dementia, and dermatitis. The dermatitis, specifically, can be something called a casal necklace - it's a skin condition that does kind of look like a large (statement?) necklace. 
  • I'm sure we've all heard the great things that biotin supplements can do for our hair and nails (I used to take these all the time until I was sick of having to do my nails twice a week because they grew so fast).  Biotin deficiency is actually pretty rare because you don't need a ton of it, and it's in a lot of different foods, but an interesting way of having a biotin deficiency is by eating too many raw egg whites. I hope someone lets Gaston know
  • Smoking is probably one of the worst things you can do for your body - every system we have learned about (which at this point is all of them) talks about how horrible it is, and what awful disease your body will get if you smoke...except if you have ulcerative colitis. Smokers are much less likely to develop ulcerative colitis, and those who have UC have less severe forms when they are smoking. Still not a good reason to take up smoking, but it is interesting!

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  • I am not really a Lilly girl, but even I'm excited for the new Lilly x Target collection to come out. There are some real gems in there, including cute eyelet shorts and home goods. Many true Lilly girls are claiming this is watering down the brand - thoughts? 
  • Fran Lebowitz and I share the same name and the same amount of sass (kidding, she's much sassier than I ever could be). Her recent interview with Elle was hilarious - what I wouldn't give to hear her say all this in real life!
  • How precious are these pictures of Nicole? She's just so darn cute, and I love how her outfit matches the background!
  • P.S. Thank you to Jen for including me in her list of 9 bloggers she loves -we go way back to the when both of our blogs were just started :)


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  • I purchased a pack of emoji stickers earlier this week, and they have been the best thing about board studying. I've been entertaining myself by finding appropriate places for them in First Aid ("the bible" for board studying). 
  • I'm a very visual learner, and it's something that I wish I sometimes could turn off at night. Whenever I'm doing something that's hard for me, and something where I spend a lot of time staring at notes, I start to dream about it. All. Night. Long. So in college during organic chemistry, I used to dream about synthesizing new chemical structures. During anatomy last year, I used to dream about muscle attachments. I'm now officially in the practice question part of board studying, so every night after doing hours and hours of questions while conscious, my brain doesn't turn it off while unconscious, and I still do "practice questions" while I sleep. It's horrible. Any tips for turning your brain off at night? 
  • Not horrible? A sushi date with Caitlin where drinks, so much sushi, and many laughs were had. So thankful for that girl!