Sunday, March 22, 2015

top three [03.22.2015]

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  • Hemochromatosis is a disease where iron builds up in the body. It's a hereditary disease that people may not even know they have until they set off metal detectors with the high levels of iron in their blood! Even more interesting is the way to treat it is phlebotomy - just like as if they were donating blood!
  • Having gallstones sounds pretty horrible, and even more horrible is what can happen to the gallbladder if someone has too many. A porcelain gallbladder is basically a calcified gallbladder and the only treatment is to take it out. The imaging of it is pretty cool though!
  • A deletion of about 26 genes from chromosome 7 results in a disease called Williams Syndrome. Besides the physical characteristics of "elfin" features and certain cardiovascular problems like supravalvular aortic stenosis, the most interesting characteristic is that these people are overly trusting of strangers. This quick documentary was a fun watch with a bit of insight into the disease. 

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  • This skirt makes me want to twirl - and it's under $20, so I'm pretty sure that needs to happen. 
  • Why are all the prettiest dresses white?! I'm still looking for a dress for the wedding we are going to in May, and this is seriously the prettiest I've seen yet  - and I don't care what magazines say, it's not okay to wear white to someone else's wedding! ;)
  • This suit may be world's most flattering swimsuit - it looks like it has just the right amount of boob support while still being fun. 

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  • Tomorrow is our last "normal" systems exam! After that we have two weeks of mostly study time with some shelf exams thrown in, and then we finish with psychiatry. It is crazy to me how much we have read and learned about these past two years - we know so much more than we did when we started in the middle of 2013, but yet we really know nothing at all. I'm excited to have a bit more freedom with studying the next few weeks!
  • We finally finished Game of Thrones last weekend and now I'm having major withdrawals. The next season looks so good! Now we are watching about an episode of House of Cards a week - I wish we could just barrel through it in like one sitting, but a few minutes every day is nice too. 
  • Anyone have tips on how to keep little nosy dogs out of cat litter boxes? Both of mine have acquired a new taste for "cat treats" :/ We will probably just get a shorter baby gate but I'm hoping maybe there's a cheaper option ;)