Sunday, March 8, 2015

top three [03.08.2015]

obsessed with this nail polish color [pictures via instagram]

  • There are a ton of different types of tumors you can get for each location in your body, so there isn't just an ovarian tumor, there are many different types of ovarian tumors.  One type is a mucinous tumors that is what its name implies: full of mucus. There is a type of ovarian tumor that produces so much mucus that it can fill an entire abdominal cavity, causing pseudomyxoma peritonei (or "jelly belly"). As always, google at your own risk! ;)
  • Uterine prolapse is probably just as horrible as it sounds - basically the uterus "comes loose" and protrudes out through the vagina. This often happens after birth, and can be surgically corrected. Don't want surgery? Pessaries are objects that can be used to hold everything up and in, and have been around for thousands of years (apparently pomegranates used to be popular?). 
  • There's a type of inherited skin disorder called ichthyosis where keratin in the skin builds up, but can't be sloughed off normally. One of the most severe forms is harlequin ichthyosis, where the dermis can be up to ten times as thick as normal. I remember learning about this during anatomy when we first started school, and was so mortified by it - my lab mates at the time loved to torture me by sending me pictures of poor little harlequin babies at random times throughout the month. This documentary on someone who has ichthyosis was super inspiring at the time though - definitely something to watch if you have 20 minutes!

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  • The perfect spring dress - full short sleeves, neutral colors for all your bright accessories, and in a super flattering cut (I just ordered it...along with this black/brown cardigan, because I have a neutrals problem...)
  • I don't have a big bag collection because I'm overly picky when it comes to bags. I realized that I don't have a simple black clutch though, so now I'm on the look out. Isn't this one perfect? If only I got a tax refund this year! :(
  • While I love a great statement necklace, I've been really drawn to longer necklaces lately. I love how this tassel (with mini pearls!!) necklace can be dressed up or down.

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  • We had our second reproduction exam on Friday, so we've had a "free" weekend. Of course it's not really free, but we did take Friday evening off. CR and I went to this super cute little Italian restaurant, and then went to see Focus (do not really recommend...maybe Redbox it). It was so nice to just spend some time together outside of sitting across from each other at the library. 
  • We are officially in our last "normal" system right now - once we are done with derm all we really have left is pysch! We are all coming to the realization that the classroom work is coming to a close, and it's exciting and so so terrifying at the same time. It's been so nice being mostly on our own schedule all the time (even though that schedule revolves around studying) that it's going to be a bit hard to be on someone else's schedule again. I'm really excited to actually put all of this knowledge to some kind of use - or at least see how things work in the real world ;)
  • While I love that it's going to get warmer ~soon, I also kind of hate spring because I hate warm weather clothes. I really need to move somewhere where it is fall all year long. I just don't like shorts, tank tops, strapless anything, rompers - just about everything you'll see people get really excited about in the next few months. I really need to just find the perfect cotton dress with sleeves, and then buy it in every color. Who else out there kind of hates spring clothes?