Sunday, May 3, 2015

top three [05.03.2015]

  • Munchhausen by proxy is a psychiatric disorder that revolves around making someone you are the takecarer of sick, so you can assume the caretaker role. It's a horrible disease that often affects those who can't stop it the most - it recently killed a young boy whose mom was using his "sickness" as a basis for her blog. It is heartbreaking how messed up psychiatric disorders can be. 
  • Many of the diseases we learn about have a "triad" of symptoms that are classically associated with one another - I have a running list of at least 75 of these triads that are tested on all the time. One of the more random triads of associations is that of iron deficiency anemia + glossitis (inflammation of the tongue) + esophageal webs. This is called Plummer-Venson Syndrome, and it always makes me wonder how many patients it took for someone to figure out that those three symptoms are related. 
  • Strokes can lead to a variety of conditions post-stroke. One of the more interesting ones is Foreign Accent Syndrome - patients develop a foreign accent after their stroke! I remember watching this video during neuro last year and finding it so strange. I think I'd prefer to wake up with a French accent. 

  • Because the dress I would love to wear to the wedding at the end of the month is back-ordered until July (why, cruel world, why), this illusion yoke dress may just be suitable replacement. It's just so pretty!
  • I'm getting all itchy about decorating our new place (that we haven't found yet...). The bedroom will more than likely have a blue theme to it though, so this duvet cover will HAVE to happen. Next step is figuring out how to keep animal hairs off of it. Think I can convince CR that these side tables are manly enough for our bedroom? 
  • I wish I could pull off the off the shoulder trend (how do you wear a bra? can you move your arms above your head?) because I think it'd be so fun to wear a fun lace dress like this one. Another trend I'll admire from afar...

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  • Two of my friends from college recently quit their jobs and are biking from Wisconsin to the East Coast, down that coast, then driving to the West Coast, and riding all the way from San Diego to Seattle. They crashed at my place the other night and man, what a life! Part of me is jealous, and part of me is thankful to know exactly where I'm sleeping every night ;)
  • Tomorrow we have 6 house showings to go to! I'm really excited about a few of them, and a bit nervous about a few of the other ones. At the end of the day, all I hope is that we fall in love with one of them, and that the owners pick us to live there too. Please keep all your fingers and toes crossed for us!
  • We are now 2.5 weeks out from our board exam. I'm quite pissed that I basically lost an entire week to being sick, so now I have to really make up for lost time. You probably won't see that much of me on here or on social media (except probably snapchat because that involves very little effort). I can't wait for this all to be over so I can feel like I can breath, eat, blog, and sleep normally again. It has been the longest 4 months of my entire life.