Sunday, May 17, 2015

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my cognac wedges are my favorite spring purchase: one | two | three
  • I mentioned a few weeks ago about external signs like clubbing that can point towards internal dysfunction (in that case, respiratory problems). Another one of these signs is the Trousseau sign of malignancy - it appears as vessel inflammation due to a clot that is often due to underlying pancreatic carcinoma. In sad irony, the man who discovered this sign, Armand Trousseau ended up diagnosing himself with this sign later in his life, and died shortly after of pancreatic cancer.
  • The anatomical snuff box is on the back of your hand (diagram here) and is named this because it used to be (and still is....oh college) used as a surface for sniffing powdered tobacco. 
  • Because the first two years of medical school are all about the books and not about seeing actual patients, I think it's really easy for first and second year students to just memorize the facts about the disease rather than thinking about how it affects patients. For example, I know the cause and symptoms of Fabry disease, but I never really think about how this actually affects people. My friend Caitlin shared this video about Fabry's with me yesterday (one of her study tricks is that if she can't remember a disease, she watches a video about it so she has some kind of connection to the disease) and I think it really drove home the fact that diseases aren't just facts to memorize, but have life changing effects on whole families.

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  • The first wedding of the summer is next Saturday - I'm wearing this pretty black number, along with the world's softest clutch (now I just have to decide on shoes!). Rumor has it there's an open bar ;)
  • How amazing is this sunburst mirror? Just a tiiiiiinnnny bit out of our decorating price range though. 
  • Moccasins have always been my favorite kind of shoe - the top details of this Coach pair is so beautiful! Where you at, fall? :P

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  • I'm thinking about getting a fitbit for rotations - I think it'll be fun to see how much I'm on my feet! I'm thinking about getting the charge since it also includes a watch, which will definitely come in handy. Anyone have any experience with it, or have other recommendations? I'm definitely open to suggestions!
  • I'm officially more than half done with invisalign! Only 20ish so weeks to go. Here's a progress picture. Next up after they are all straight? Whitening and then getting my fake front left (right in the picture) tooth fixed so it's even :)
  • Thursday is the day! The only thing that stands between me and freedom is 400 questions. There is so much to look forward to afterwards - drinks, a haircut, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, celebrations once my friends are done with their test too, the big move, my family coming, IKEA, setting up our house, and then my first rotation (family med)! I'm seriously just living right now for the moment I walk out of the testing center. Cross your fingers for me please :)