Sunday, May 10, 2015

top three [05.10.2015]

madewell transport tote
my madewell transport tote is probably the most photographed thing on this blog [inexpensive alternative here!]

  • My favorite muscle is the serratus anterior. It's a saw-shaped muscle on the side of your rib cage that helps stabilize your scapula. If its nerve becomes injured, you end up with a winged scapula - here's a short video showing one! Second favorite muscle? The extensor digiti minimi (just because it's fun to say)!
  • I generally have a favorite tumor pathology for each body system - I'm still considering pathology as a future specialty, so it only makes sense to enjoy the pictures! Meningiomas are my favorite neuro tumor - they're so pretty! While they cause a variety of symptoms based on where they are located, most are luckily benign. 
  • An absence seizure, or a "petit mal" as they are also called, is a seizure that results in brief losses of consciousness. Many times it arises in children, and characteristically is described as the kid sometimes having a blank stare. This video is great example of what they look like.

on the internet
  • These style posts are my absolute favorite on the entire internet
  • If I ever try a jumpsuit, I hope I look even half as good as Jo does (ps. go wish her a happy birthday! #30flirtyandthriving)
  • You guys are all already following Kimi, right? She's so dang cute, I want all of her clothes! This week's outfits were some of my favorites of hers!

  • If I could get myself anything as a post-board present, it would be this Chloe bag (in anenome pink *hearteyes*). But a purse worth more than my first car is probably not the wisest financial situation at this point in my life... 
  • If you follow along on snapchat (@fhasselhof) you know that I'm slowly turning into one of those annoying people obsessed with their cat (and while Lucy is technically CR's cat, I claim her as my own). Does that mean it's okay if I buy this skirt? Does that make me a card-carrying member of the cat lady society?  [Cats not your style? I think we can all agree that this skirt is absolutely beautiful, and no cats are involved ;)  ]
  • It's time to jump on the Birks wagon. I KNOW, WHO AM I?! But I've been slowly liking them more and more, and I've had a credit to Modcloth for seriously years that I haven't used,'s happening. Do we prefer the black 3 strap, or the classic style in this pretty salmon pink or this fun silver? My only rule is no white - those will always remind me of my German grandmother. I'm leaning towards silver just because I love Grace's gold pair

on franish
  • on the blog: thoughts on dress pants (THANK YOU for all of your suggestions!)
  • on the instagram: my house hunting outfit that was comfy and cute (my sandals are from Target and actually really comfortable!)
  • on the twitter: the oh so hard life of full time blogging? I'm only bitter because I had spent 14 hours at the library that day.

notable sales

  • We have a place to live!!! CR and I drove down on Monday to look at houses for our move at the end of the month. The place we found is perfect - it has a fenced in yard, 3 bedrooms, a garage, and laundry. I'm so excited for us to finally have a place that is ours! 
  • The stress acne is here in full force and it is killing me slowly. I finally broke down and ordered this acne set from Paula's Choice and I'm really hoping it'll clear this mess up swiftly. I'm 27 - this shouldn't still be an issue!!! 
  • Have you heard the new Mumford and Sons CD? I was nervous at first that they were going to change everything I loved about them, but I can't get enough of their music. I reallllllllly hope they will be doing a show somewhere near me in the coming year.
Happy Mothers Day to the best mom out there. I love you!