Tuesday, June 9, 2015

making a shopping wish list

shopping wish list
Like I mentioned yesterday, I'm going down to Pittsburgh this weekend to do a bit of shopping. CR has to work Friday into Saturday, so I'm entertaining myself by going to the mall. I haven't been in a mall since Christmas, so I'm excited to just walk around, actually try things on in stores, and not cart a bunch of boxes back to the post office a week later.

A future post of the "how to build a cohesive wardrobe" series is all about lists - long term and short term lists. I've found that it really helps me from buying things that I don't really wear. I've had a list of things I've wanted to add to my closet for a while now, as well as a few wants. Here are a few items I'm looking for this weekend, and my reasons behind them.

one: I love cardigans, but somehow have ended up with only one currently in my closet. All the other ones have been removed from my closet for one reason or another over the past year. My requirements are long sleeves (no 3/4 lengths), no front pockets (I find they get loose and look sloppy), and in either grey, black, red, or a medium blue. The Tilly style from J.Crew seems to meet all those requirements, but I've never tried one on, so that's at the top of the list.

two: I have this thing with not liking to mix metals - I like gold with gold, and only gold. I've been wearing a lot more gold lately, but I don't have a black belt with a gold clasp. This one from Madewell is exactly what I'm looking for - plus it's on sale!

three: this drapey top from Banana Republic is definitely more want than need. I love the sleeve length, I don't any own tops in this versatile color, and the higher neckline would be perfect for wearing in clinics but can also be really fun to wear with jeans on weekends. I'm really excited to try this one on!

four: another want rather than need, but how cute is this gingham dress from Loft? Another piece that could be super versatile - if it's long enough and worn with a cardigan, it would be nice for the clinic, or if it's a bit un-buttoned and belted, it would be perfect for a night out.

five: grey dress pants have been on the top of my wishlist for over a year, and I still haven't found a pair I like. I actually just ordered these J.Crew pants online over the weekend during a 30% off sale because I wanted to try them in talls, but if they don't work out, I'll definitely try on as many grey dress pants as possible this weekend.

six: I have wanted a pair of dalmatian print shoes for so long, but they are surprisingly hard to find! I love how sleek and simple this pair from Banana Republic is. Reviews are mixed though, so they are definitely something I will try on before buying.

seven: this top from Madewell looks super boxy on a hanger, but looks much better on the model. I'm 99% sure this won't work out for me, but it can't hurt to try! It just looks like the perfect summer top.

eight: I've been wearing Too Faced's BB cream for a few years now, and while I really enjoy it, it always takes just a bit more time to put on than I prefer. I've heard great things about BareMineral's Complexion Rescue, so I'd really love to try this out. Have you heard anything about it, or have suggestions for a different quick foundation?

nine: Ann Taylor has been making this style of sweater for a while now, and I'm always so intrigued. While I generally stay away from "layered for you" type of shirts, I think this one could be really pretty and also versatile.

Any suggestions for other things to look for this weekend?