Sunday, June 7, 2015

top three [05.07.2015]

can't stop won't stop with my denim jacket

  • For many of us, dealing with the chicken pox was a rite of passage in our childhood. Unfortunately for us, that sneaky little virus now lays dormant in our nerves and can come back to haunt us when we are older as shingles. Shingles appears in a dermatomal pattern (where that specific nerve lies), and appear as painful and itchy vesicles. If they are in the nerve around your eye, it can even lead to blindness. 
  • Going camping or hiking this summer? Whatever you do, don't drink the water out there! Giardia is fairly cute under the microscope, but will lead to awful smelling, violent diarrhea. That'll ruin a vacation real quick. 
  • During fetal development, your kidneys actually start deep down in your pelvis rather than where they are currently located. They ascend during development, which normally causes no problems - unless you have a horseshoe kidney. A horseshoe kidney happens when the two kidneys are fused. During ascent, they may become stuck on the inferior mesenteric artery, which may eventually cause abdominal pain and various other complications. 

on the internet

  • Full short sleeves, black + white, and stripes? This dress has my name written all over it. 
  • These espadrilles are seriously the prettiest pair I have ever seen (bonus that they are also on sale!)
  • Have any short trips planned this summer (or just a light packer? teach me your ways)? How awesome is this weekender bag from Target? It's seriously the cutest. 

on franish

notable sales
  • Ann Taylor: 30% off summer favorites
    • If you need a dress for a wedding, this lace number would be perfect (and so easily re-worn with different accessories!)
    • And if accessorizing isn't your favorite, this cut out blouse does the work for you!
  • Madewell: 25% off tops
    • You and me both need this shirt so we can be twins (RIGHT?!)
  • Not a particular sale, but if you are looking for some high knee boots, Shopbop currently has several cute ones available - think all three styles of the most popular Hunter pairs. We've had storms on and off for a week now, so my Hunter boots have been worn more than I thought they would be in June!

  • Officially completed week one of rotations, and lived to tell you all about it. I'm really exaggerating - my week was super easy. The longest day I worked was 7 hours. CR, who is on surgery this month, had a 19 hour day though, so...yikes. But mine was great! Lots of the same things every family med clinic sees - hypertension, bad cholesterol, and diabetes. There were a few interesting cases though, and ones that I helped "diagnose" (aka the doctor or nurse practitioner lead me in the right direction). 
  • Since our place is getting new carpet in the next few weeks, we aren't putting half of our furniture up and it's making me all itchy to start decorating since I currently can't. I love the idea of having a large H, like this light up version, somewhere in the house (since both of our last names start with an H). My bff Caitlin gave me the idea of getting succulent holders (like these ones) to hang in the window, which is a wonderful idea since our little devil cat will eat any other live plant in the house that she can reach. We still need to find an appropriate headboard (not to girly...of course), but I know that this duvet cover is definitely going to be on the bed. I just love them!
  • After a month of not having the time to be at home to cook, we are officially back on the Four Hour Body. It feels so good to eat with purpose again, and to just over all feel better every day. There are of course times I just want all the sugar (like hi, national donut day!) but I know that I just feel better when I cut it out. I attended my first (and second and third!) pure barre classes this week, and I really enjoyed them! I have one month of unlimited classes, so I'm trying to really take advantage of the free time I have right now and get as many classes in as possible. I'm excited to see some of the results! I also have been wearing my fitbit religiously, and it really has pushed me to get out and go for walks because although I'm on my feet all day in the clinic, we rarely walk more than 10 steps at a time. June is going to be a great month, I can feel it :)