Monday, October 3, 2016

basic and not sorry.

Fall has definitely arrived here in Ohio, and I can't be more excited about it! I'm just as basic as the rest of the them, and so I love everything fall - the crisp air, the changing colors of the leaves, and the apple picking. What, I can't help it! Fall clothing is also just the best - the clothes have a bit more structure, you don't sweat the whole time wearing them, but you also aren't all bundled up like you are in the winter. Below are my clothing plans for this fall - some that I may have already purchased in the last week, and a few items I still have my eye on.

  • J.Crew Blazer: did this arrive last week? maybe. have I already worn it twice? mayyyybeeeee.
  • Paige jeans: I wear my black jeans constantly, but I also love my ripped jeans, so a combo would be perfect. 
  • Everlane tee: I already own two - they are even better than the original! 
  • Blush scarf: this was the perfect scarf...and then it sold out! a blush scarf has been on my wish list for years, so hopefully I can get my hands on a similar version.
  • Marc Jacobs watch: lets be honest, my watch collection definitely doesn't need another one, but if I were to add one, the square face of this one is a big change from the others I own. 
  • Lodis satchel: One of the big things I feel my closet is missing is a structured cognac satchel/tote. There are several times a week I wish I had one, but I've never found one I really loved. This Lodis version is pretty darn gorgeous though, so it may be my birthday present to myself. We'll see ;)
  • Michael Kors moccasins: So I ordered these last week, and finally got them this weekend and absolutely love them. I've had various pairs of moccasins for fall through the years, so I'm so happy to have a pair for this year! The great thing is that the price just dropped by 25% (and luckily Nordstrom has such wonderful customer service that they refunded me the difference when I called for a price adjustment!)
  • Get it Get it case: I have a heavy duty case for when I'm in the hospital (it has a secret compartment that holds my debit card), but I love the idea of having a cuter version for when I'm not in the hospital all the time. 

Anything you're looking forward to purchasing this fall?! I can't wait to hear about it!