Sunday, October 16, 2016

top three [10.16.2016]

just a few favorites from my recent review post

  • An endometrioma is an ovarian cyst that is caused by endometriosis. It is also called a chocolate cyst because when it looks like chocolate syrup. I saw one this week and it totally did look like that!
  • A heterotopic pregnancy is one where there is an ectopic pregnancy at the same time as an intrauterine pregnancy. It's very rare, but it does happen!
  • The leading cause of blindness in the US is due to diabetes. 

on the internet

  • I have always wanted a leather jacket, but have never found one I liked. I'm tempted to try this (faux!) version from Topshop - I hope it feels as soft in real life as it does online!
  • Ohhhhh, I am allllll about this blush cocoon sweater. Combined with distressed denim and a white tee, and you're set for the winter. love
  • I'm always looking for versatile tops and Vince Camuto's high low blouse is a perfect example of that - the colors in it mean you can mix it with a bunch of different colors (maroon pants? blush shoes? all black? it all works!) and the style means it works both with pants and tucked into skirts. Oh, and it's on sale ;)

ask me anything
  • You mentioned buying a Soma bra a few months ago. Do you still like it? would you recommend it? Frustrated with bra shopping and looking to try something new/not VS. 
    • You know, I do really still like it. The version I have has a bit more structure and padding that I'm used to with the Victoria's Secret version I've been wearing for years, which makes it ideal of times when the blouse I'm wearing needs a bit more structure. But, I think my VS bra is a bit more comfortable, so I'm still switching between wearing the two. Still on the lookout for that absolute perfect bra!
  • What advice do you have for someone who can't spend a lot on clothes now, or in the foreseeable future, but is used to having nice clothes but currently has nothing to wear that fits my (fatter size)! What staples do I buy to get through fall and winter?
    • I think this is one of those situations where buying a few inexpensive staples, and then supplementing with second hand items would really be a good way to approach this. One of my biggest staples that is really great when you're a big bitter than you feel comfortable with is really stretchy pants. I absolutely live in my ponte pants in the winter, and they are so stretchy, versatile, and comfy (and currently under $30!). Sites like ThreadUp or Poshmark are awesome places to find great deals on items on gentle used items, like sweaters and blouses. The best thing about ThreadUp is that you can also recommend other people to the site, and earn $10 in credit, so you can basically get free clothes if a few people sign up! eBay is another great option - if there are specific items you want, you can set it up so it emails you when that item is up for sale! 
  • Shoes on surgical or obs/gyn rorations.... Danskos? Birks clogs? I'm not sure how to save my feet without looking too much like a gunner so that everybody doesn't just roll their eyes when I show up in neon doctor clogs or something. Thanks!
    • Well first of all, I promise no one is really looking at your shoes, so don't worry about looking strange! I've seen all types of shoes on people - danskos, birks, other clogs, tennis shoes. You really just have to find what you are most comfortable wearing - I do have to warn you, it's basically impossible to find shoes where your feet won't hurt after standing for 12 hours, but you can definitely make it easier on yourself. I personally prefer the Birkenstock clogs, but others love Danskos - you just have to find what you like best. My secret tip is compression socks - they make a HUGE difference (and they come in some pretty fun patterns too). Expensive, so maybe also add a few to your Christmas wish list ;)

on franish
  • on the blog: lots of things to love, and lots of things to return
  • on the insta: my little man
  • what you missed on snapchat (@fhasselhof): my hits and misses from the shopbop sale (I'm keeping the jeans and the boots!)  

notable sales
at home
  • On Wednesday, I drove up to Cleveland to go to a beauty event at Nordstrom with Katy. Katy and I have "known" each other for over four years (ever since I started blogging!) so it was so great to finally meet in real life. It's truly the best part about blogging!
  • I had my first interview this week! It was at the program I was at for the last month, so it was more fun than scary since I knew everyone and how much I love the program. It's nice to get at least one under the belt!
  • This upcoming month I think is going to be the hardest month of this year - I'm going to be away from home for four weeks without seeing my boys. In addition, CR has interviews all the time, and when he isn't interviewing, he's working second shift in the ER, so we won't have as much time to talk either. I'm super excited for this rotation for sure, but it will also be a difficult month. After I come home, he goes there, and then he has one final audition, and then we are done with this - we are so ready for it to be January!