Monday, October 17, 2016

some of my absolute clinique favorites ( + a bomb gift with purchase!)

SAM_2480picture 2 I very specifically remember buying my first Clinique moisturizer, because it was the first high end beauty product I ever purchased for myself. It was basically love at first sight with that moisturizer, which is why I've owned at least ten bottles of it over the years. I eventually branched out in the brand, trying everything from other skin care products to make-up to fragrances. When Macy's reached out to ask if I wanted to share my experiences about my favorite Clinique items, I was definitely more than happy to since I've been such a fan of the brand for the better part of the last decade. One of my favorite things about purchasing Clinique from Macy's is that they have so many great "Gift with Purchases" items that come along with you order. When I put in my recent order, I receive the bag about (full of make up remover, eye shadow, mascara, perfume, lipstick, and moisturizer) AND a body moisturizer and a full lip gloss... for free. You can receive the same if you order by the end of today (10/17!). 

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Like I mentioned above, I was a very loyal Dramatically Different moisturizer user for years. Then in recent years, my skin became even drier, so I switched to using the Moisture Surge moisturizer. Instead of a cream, it's a gel - I use it mostly at night, and it definitely has helped combat the dryness that my tretinoin cream causes. The scrub cream is a new purchase for me, but one that has quickly become a big part of my daily skin care routine - it's a gentle exfoliator that I use as an evening scrub. It's definitely one of those scrubs that you can use every day because of how gentle is, but at the same time, it really does get the job done. A little also goes a long way - I use less than a dime sized amount, and it removes all the little flakies. Definitely one of my favorite daily exfoliators I've found!

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Over the years, I've used a bunch of different Clinique make-up products - I love them because they just give you a really natural look while still looking like you...just better, you know? Their Even Better foundation is amazing - it's a medium coverage that feels like a BB or CC cream, but helps cover up your blemishes and discoloration. I had them match me the last time I was in Macy's, and switched from the ivory to the cream chamois color. You guys know I'm all about eyelash primer right now - it really helps build up your eyelashes, and it keeps the mascara on your eyes (I know some of you have problems with mascara flaking, and trust me, an eyelash primer will solve all of your problems). The other item is one I've been using for months now - it's the Lash Power mascara, which I use on my bottom lashes. I always smudge my mascara if I use a bigger brush on my lower lashes, and the smaller brush on this mascara prevents that. 

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Clinique's lip products are ones I've mentioned over and over again - I felt like for a while there, I had a new favorite lip product from them every month! The thing I love about their products is that they cover all bases - from the moisturizing lip balm to an every day color to the more pigmented colors for nights out. On the moisturizing side is the Superbalm Lip Treatment - I keep this little guy in my fleece I wear at work, and it is a life saver since hospital air totally dries out my lips. The Almost Lipstick is exactly what it sounds like - it's basically your lips, but with a bit more color and shine. I have it in the dark honey color and am obsessed. The next two are variations from the same Pop Lip Color- you may remember my video from a few months ago where I struggled just a little with that name (go to 7:24 to watch it in all its glory)! Anyway, I have been using the Fab Pop Color lipsticks for months now, and recently added Sweet Pop to the collection as well. These lipsticks go on so smooth, actually feel like they are moisturizing your lips, and have a great color pay off. The last lipstick is definitely a new one for me, and something I've wanted to try for a long time - red lipstick. I've mentioned before that I'm still slowly getting into the whole lipstick thing, so this was a big move for me! I went with the Long Last Soft Matte version in Crimson. I love that this isn't a shiny red lipstick but it doesn't have the drying effect that a liquid lipstick has - it's just a matte lipstick that goes on, stays on, and really has amazing color pay off. This is one I'll definitely be playing around more in the future - not for every day, that's for sure, but something I hope to grab for more often.

As I mentioned above, I'm a huge Clinique fan, and am so excited to collaborate with Macy's to tell you more about my favorite products from their line. Don't forget that if you want to try out any of these items, if you spend $27, you'll get $70 worth of product for free. Half the products are ones that are already my favorites, so I definitely think it's an amazing gift with purchase. 

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