Sunday, October 9, 2016

top three [10.09.2016]

  • 25% of our bones are just in our hands and feet. 
  • Peripheral nerves can regenerate themselves - it's called neurogeneration. These nerves can grow at about 1 mm/ day!
  • Panniculectomy: the surgical removal of a pannus

on the internet

  • I love the look of the Stuart Weitzman boots, but they are just a little out of my price range (just a little!....). Luckily, these boots are basically identical, and are on sale!
  • How great is this versatile sweater from Express? I love how it can just hang open, or you can tack it up for a whole different look. Definitely going to get my hands on that neutral version!
  • And speaking of boots, I mentioned my bean boots the other day, and received a ton of questions about them, which I hope to answer in an upcoming post. Until then, LL Bean currently is offering 20% off orders over $50, so now is the time to either get your own pair of bean boots or pick up my other favorite item, the fleece I wore all winter long (see it here and here).

ask me anything
  • My husband is in medical school and we are going to a COM Prom next month. Do you have any affordable dress (or Rent the Runway) ideas? I know people are dressing in anything from cocktail dresses to long gowns. FYI—I am shaped similarly to you, I guess my question is what would you wear to an adult prom?
    • I would wear a fun cocktail dress - either one I already owned, or one I can wear again to a wedding or other fancy event. The one I first found was this gorgeous fit & flare from City Chic - I love that it comes in three colors and would just be so flattering (and definitely something you can wear again!). Now if I were to rent something, I'd go with a style I don't own, so for me, that would be something with sequins! My favorites are both from Badgley Mischka - this one is sleeveless and comes in at your waist, and this one has short sleeves and has the coolest ombre pattern. Have so much fun - and send me a picture!
  • What kind of shirts do you recommend wearing under a blazer? Do you have a go-to t-shirt that you like to wear under them? 
    • I think you can wear just about anything under blazers! I typically like to stick with either sleeveless or short sleeved shorts though so you don't have to mess with the sleeves underneath. Right now my favorite is the Everlane t-shirt!
  • I'm getting depressed from reading blogs and seeing instagrams of all these perfect lives looking so put together, and new and shiny. How do you prevent this envy and depression? I don't want to give up reading the sources I go to for inspiration and motivation.
    • You just always have to tell yourself two things - the pictures only show a small part about people's lives, and that it probably took a lot of planning, staging, and editing to get the pictures to look that way. I've had people tell me that my life looks so put together and shiny and how fun medicine looks, when in reality I work 70 hours a week in ugly scrubs, live in a tiny rented room, and don't see my friends and family ever because I live hours and hours away from them. I show the small pretty parts, and sometimes there's only one of those things to show a week. I think what has helped me though is to look for the things in my life that make me happy rather than wishing I was someone else. I won't be a size 2 living in a huge city with an endless supply of designer bags - but I love my dogs, the experiences I seek out, and my opportunity to study medicine. Don't give up on the places that inspire you, just look for your own inspiring things in life!

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at home
  • Thank you to everyone who has reached out to let me know that my blog looks wonky on certain browsers. I think I finally solved the problem, so please let me know if it either looks better now or if the header/menu/sidebar is still looking off. 
  • It's my last week at the hospital I'm currently at, and I'm going to be very disappointed when it's over just because I really have enjoyed this rotation. I really have enjoyed working with the residents, I got to do a ton, and learned even more. 
  • It's also our last real weekend together at home for a while. Starting next week, I'll be on the eastern side of Pennsylvania for four weeks, and then after that I come home, but CR goes there for four weeks too. It's going to be a really busy time for us though, between the auditions and interviews we have scheduled, so I'm hoping it goes by quickly!